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Why Remakes like Resident Evil 2 is Important for the Gaming Industry

213   //    07 Jan 2019, 18:25 IST


Resident Evil 2 is out 25 January of this year.

We are just 3 weeks away from the game's release and I can't control my excitement because I never got to around to play the game when it was first released back 20 years ago.

Just like me, many other gamers hopped onto the series a little later, in my case-Resident Evil 4 and so I have been more excited to know Leon and Ada's backstory in this game.

The point is, Capcom could have made an HD remaster of the game and people would have still bought it. But they chose not to take the easy route.

They Re-imagined the entire game on their new RE engine which honestly makes the game's visual so good I can't describe. Its the same engine they used in Resident Evil 7 so you guys know what to expect.

They re-modelled all the main characters again with new voice actors, new costumes, heck they even re-did few of the scenes I heard as they claimed it wouldn't make sense for a 2018 game.

Ada Wong in Resident Evil 2 Remake
Ada Wong in Resident Evil 2 Remake

So putting that much effort in a 20-year-old game makes it like any other new entry in this long-running iconic series and honestly, it is for me right? And many others as well.

This is important because the young generation of gamers are getting to experience this gems too in the most modern way. Because no matter how much hardcore Resi fan one might be, they certainly won't go back to play a 20-year-old game with potato visuals and praise them right? Right?


Shadow of Colossus did this last year as well, I had heard a lot about it but never got around to play it because I never owned a PS2 and anyways the visual and technical difficulty would have made impossible for me to return back. But Bluepoint games did a great job in remaking the game for this generation.

Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2 Remake
Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2 Remake

So all I'm saying is I'm happy that studios are thinking in such a direction and remaking their legendary titles.

Not just Capcom, Square Enix is busy making Final Fantasy 7 remake which I can't wait to play as well as because I got into the series with the most recent Final Fantasy 15 game.

Now all I want is a Metal Gear Solid Remake. Who else agrees with me?

What are your thoughts about this? Should Gaming companies invest their time and money in remaking their long lost hidden gems? Tell me in the comments down below.