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Why Sonic Boom's Failure does not mean the death of the Sonic franchise

Sega is looking at the darker side of life as according to recent reports, they were undergoing a restructure

News 18 Feb 2015, 15:21 IST
Sonic Boom

Sega is looking at the darker side of life as according to recent reports, they were undergoing a restructure. To add on to their miseries, it was revealed that Sonic Boom had not hit the mark with respect to sales across both Wii U and 3DS. Sonic Boom sold fewer than 500,000 copies! Many would argue that, it is time for the Sonic franchise to receive a mercy killing but, I beg to differ.

It is a fact that the Sonic franchise is not having a field day. Announcing the total sales of both the games helped soften the blow as individual sales were embarrassingly low. The game however, is not from Sega. Red Button Entertainment and Sanzaru Games were given the job of making the game for Wii U and the 3DS respectively. Sega however had big dreams for the Sonic Boom brand. The came up with a separate TV series and merchandise. One must not rule out the upcoming movie, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic has failed to click like it did in the past and is one of the reasons why Sega should give up on this franchise once and for all. However, people seemed to forget the fairly well-designed games, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Lost World which to be frank is still a game that many continue to play. These games have a potential to revive the franchise, if the elements in the games are further improved.

Sonic 4 failed to capture the nostalgic side of the fans as it ended up being a big disappointment for many. The main reason being that developers were trying to implement way too many 3D graphics and floating physics. Let us face it, this can never be a part of the Sonic franchise as the entire franchise revolves around speed.

Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 were good games but developers would do good if they stay away from that style of the game as it has been butchered from time to time in the recent past. The whole hub world and overworld settings have failed to hit the mark and should not be implemented again anytime soon.

Sega made a monstrous mistake by outsourcing Sonic but, it is not too late to save the fastest thing in our planet. The developers need to sit down and figure out what works for the game and what does not. They need to ponder on what the fans are looking for in the future games. There may be many potholes in Sonic’s road to glory, but I personally would be overjoyed it if Sega pull this one off! 

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