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World of Warcraft rumored to enter Free to Play mode

World of Warcraft rumored to enter Free to Play mode

News 15 Jan 2015, 16:41 IST
World of Warcraft rumored to enter the Free to Play mode
World of Warcraft.

Recent events seem to be rendering a new chance to the players who have let their subscriptions of the beloved roleplaying multiplayer game World of Warcraft slip by , thus providing them a chance of playing the game although under certain restrictions.

This rumor was lit when MMO Champion started exploring the details regarding the patch 6.1 of the game(which is still under development) and came across various sets of code under the ‘new strings’ category that was titled to be under the ‘veteran edition’ that is deemed to have at least 20 levels of free play under it. Thus, we can say that the trial edition of the game may hold 20 levels of free gameplay.

If Blizzard really intends to provide such an offer to the players , we could witness the transition of the game to the similar grounds of Star Wars: The Old Republic where players can cruise the game in a “free to play” manner.

However this may just be an afterthought of the enterprise which has been set on the backburner and we may never witness the materialization of this feature in the trial edition of the game, from what it is evident launching such a veteran edition would certainly work in the favor of Blizzard since gamers need ardent reasons to keep them engaged enough to apply for the re-subscription.

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