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Worst guns ever in PUBG Mobile

Modified 05 Apr 2020
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PUBG Mobile offers its players a variety of guns to equip their weapon armoury with. Players can take their preferred guns to the battlefield, but there are certain factors that might affect your gameplay. For example, if your enemy has a M416 and you carry a mere shotgun, then the face off is likely going to be a one sided affair. Although it is important to note that PUBG Mobile has a terrific weapon balance and given enough attempts, you can win a game of PUBG Mobile using pretty much any gun. We’re going to go category by category to determine the absolute worst guns.

So let’s discuss how we will be grading the various candidates for the worst gun in PUBG Mobile.The scoring system will be out of 5 for each of the following categories.

  • Ease of use will focus on the general control of the weapon and how easy it is to use.
  • Effectiveness will focus on the weapon's killing power at all ranges.
  • Kit-ability will focus on how easy it is to get a weapon fully kitted.

Now lets crown the worst gun in PUBG Mobile.


Photo credits: PUBG Mobile
Photo credits: PUBG Mobile

The Tommy gun is a SMG weapon which lacks weapon sight, has ridiculous restrictions for attachments, and has slow bullet speed. This in turn makes the Tommy gun the worst SMG by far. Funnily or not, this gun was earlier found only in care packages. However it has now become world spawn.

Ease of use (Score – 1/5): You can’t see anything when you use the ADS due to the muzzle flash and awful iron sights. The decent hip fire or third-person aiming with a relatively large magazine size means that it’s only half-decent up close. Its ease of use score is 1 out of 5.

Effectiveness (Score – 2/5): Decent damage but slow bullet speed and poor vision means you have to be close to your enemy. The Vector and UMP both trouts the Tommy gun in every perceivable category. The Mirco Uzi has a better sight, control and DPS (Damage Per Second). The effectiveness score for the Tommy Gun is 2 out of 5.

Kit Ability (Score – 2/5): The Tommy gun can only take a vertical grip and can’t take any barrel attachments other than a suppressor which is fitting because the fewer people that hear you using the Tommy gun, the better. The extended mag and ammo capacity is the only positive here. The extended Tommy gun, with 50 rounds, has the highest mag capacity in the SMG category. Its kit ability score is 2 out of 5.


AR: MK47 Mutant

Photo credits: PUBG Mobile
Photo credits: PUBG Mobile

The Mutant has a slow bullet speed, no full auto function and requires a pretty decent amount of attachments to reach a level of control that’s passable for what it is - a confused and inadequate DMR.

Ease of use (Score – 3/5): The Mutant doesn’t have a full auto function but comes with a two-shot burst which means that your engagements are best done at a medium distance. Unattached Mutant is all right and has a decent iron sight if you can control your recoil and have decent aim. The Mutant is serviceable up to about a 150 meters or so. The ease of use score for the Mutant is 3 out of 5.

Effectiveness (Score - 2/5): The Mutant has only slightly faster bullet speed than the AKM. Because it doesn’t have a full auto function, you’re going to lose most 1v1 fights inside 100 meters against any decent opponent unless you’re spamming and hitting every shot before you get sprayed down. Outside of 100 meters, DMRs, like the Mini or SKS, will pick you apart and even the M16 does a better job than the Mutant.

Essentially any engagement outside the Mutant's range, which is about 150 meters, is going to see players getting outclassed by other weapons. The slow bullet speed really hurts the Mutant as an effective secondary and the lack of a full auto feature makes it a poor choice as a primary weapon. Its effectiveness score is 2 out of 5.


Kit ability (Score - 3/5): The Mutant has a similar kit as many other AR’s like the ScarL and the Barrel. Everything that works for an AR will work for the Mutant with the optimal kit being a light or vertical grip, compensator, an extended mag with a 6x scope. Its kit ability score is 3 out of 5.


Photo credits: PUBG Mobile
Photo credits: PUBG Mobile

The only thing that makes the VSS a DMR is the fact that it has a permanent 4-times reticles and takes DMR/AR attachments. Otherwise it is considered more of an SMG due to its effective range and bullet speed.

Ease of use (Score - 4/5): The VSS is probably one of the easiest guns to use up to a medium distance. Even if you have a bad aim, your enemies will be so confused as to what’s happening or where the shots are coming from.

This gun comes with a permanent scope, so super up-close engagements may be hard but the hip fire should save you in the early game. The VSS might cost you in open engagements with better DMR’s or AR’s. The ease of use score for the VSS is 4 out of 5.


Effectiveness (Score - 3/5): The VSS is hard to judge for effectiveness because it relies heavily on the style of a player. If you have a sound positioning and awareness you should be able to use the VSS relatively effectively. However, if you like snaking and spend most of your time in bushes, the VSS is your dream weapon.

If you get into a 1v1 sniper battle and all you have is the VSS, you’re going to be smoked. The big bonus is the sound output which in later circles will be a massive advantage if you are elimating opponents on the edges of the circle. Apart from ammo capacity and sight variety, the VSS can perform better than the UMP. ITs effectiveness score is 3 out of 5.

Kit ability (Score - 5/5): With the attachment changes a few patches ago, the VSS is very easy to kit. The attachments are an extended mag and a cheek pad. Its kit ability score is 5 out of 5.


Photo credits: PUBG Mobile
Photo credits: PUBG Mobile

The Winchester is far and away the least favored weapon among the players and slots into the sniper category. The Winchester takes only one attachments - the bullet loops, which it shares with the Kar 98. It has a painfully slow reload speed, no sights, a relatively under-used ammo type and a slow rate of fire.

Ease of use (Score - 1/5): The Winchester suffers from an extremely low rate of fire and an even slower reload speed. Like the Tommy gun, it can’t take any sight attachments and has a difficult iron sight. Using the ADS is also must for the Winchester which is designed as a medium range weapon that can logically only slot in as a sniper rifle.

This gun inflicts moderate damage for the one shot you will likely land before being beaten to death by a crossbow while you reload for thirty seconds straight. Its ease of use score is 1 out of 5.

Effectiveness (Score - 1/5): The Winchester is quite possibly the least effective weapon in PUBG Mobile, even though it does 66 damage per shot against armor. The Winchester is often only used in early game situations similar to pistols which are often more effective in those frantic close-range fights.

If for some crazy reason you’re holding on to the Winchester and managing to keep a straight face, you’re going to be destroyed by literally every other weapon in the game in a 1v1 fight. Its effectiveness score is therefore 1 out of 5.

Kit ability (Score - 1/5): The Winchester takes bullet loops that increases the reload speed which will allow you to miss more shots at an even faster rate. The kit ability score for the Winchester is 1 out of 5.

Published 05 Apr 2020, 17:29 IST
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