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WWE 2K18: Roman Reigns tops wrestler ratings in latest edition

8.18K   //    04 Oct 2017, 13:04 IST

Roman Reigns ranked #1 at Rating 98
Roman Reigns ranked #1 at Rating 95

What's the story?

Much like "real" professional sports with annual video games, like American football, baseball, and basketball, the professional wrestlers included in the yearly WWE 2K games are all given a rating based on their in-ring "skills". No, you and I and our pets know that while it takes incredible athletic skill to be a successful pro wrestler, "rating" a WWE Superstar's "skill" is the same as "rating" the "skills" of a knight at one of the Medieval Times restaurants.

With that being said, former WWE Champion Roman Reigns topped the "ratings" of all the wrestlers included (pre-DLC).

In case you didn't know

The annual WWE 2K games are treated nearly in the same way as any other major sports league video game. NFL players and teams in the annual Madden NFL series, for example, are given ratings based on how they played in the past as well as how they're predicted to do in the upcoming/current season. Those are based on actual statistics, which the WWE doesn't really rely on - in reality, or in kayfabe.

The heart of the matter

That being said, "The Big Dog" currently tops all the other included Superstars in the game with a "95". For comparison, John Cena, The Rock, The Undertaker, and Brock Lesnar all rate a "93". Also, keep in mind that in last year's game, Reigns only ranked an 89 - just one rating higher than current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal at 88.

What's next?

In general, wrestlers aren't too concerned about how their avatar in these games is rated. Because they're video games, and getting upset about video games is stupid. Unless you're Brett Hart, who is a legend and an icon and who has earned the right to get mad at certain things but this is just ridiculous. But, still, don't expect a kerfuffle like that again this year.

Author's take

The only time I really take note of the ranking in a WWE 2K game is when it involves my own created wrestler. Of course, these ratings can give fans where their favourite wrestlers are in the eyes of the WWE higher ups, but they're really not anything to see concerned about.

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