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WWE 2K20: 8 reasons we still love the WWE 2K games

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18 Jun 2019, 06:19 IST

Our pick for the cover of WWE 2K20
Our pick for the cover of WWE 2K20

As both video game dorks and pro wrestling nerds, the staff here at Sportskeeda can usually be relied upon to pick up the latest WWE 2K game upon release.

In fact, a good number of us apparently have more money than sense and will pre-order the fancy pants deluxe release, just for the unlockable bonus wrestlers, extra doo-dads, and the privilege of playing the game a few days early, despite the fact that it's probably riddled with more bugs than a condemned building.

However, we don't just buy it every year out of loyalty, or because there's nothing else out there - I mean, there kind of isn't, but that's not the point.

After all, you can bet your sweet bippy we'll all probably be scooping up an All Elite Wrestling game once they inevitably release one (Hey, AEW - maybe find out what those AKI guys who do the Def Jam games are doing these days! *Looks up what those guys are doing.* Oh. Never mind.)

We also keep going back because there's a lot about these games we love. Despite the fact that developer Yuke's is on a pretty tight yearly development cycle (and could really use an extra year to work on the product), it's clearly made by people who love the product and love making games.

They aren't half-assin' anything - they're just doing the best they can with what they have. And we're sure WWE 2K20 will be no exception.

So, we're taking a look at ten things that Yuke's has done with the WWE series (starting with 2000's WWF Smackdown! on the original PlayStation and onward) that we've really enjoyed. Also, these are in no particular order. Enjoy!

#8 The Entrances

Demon Finn Balor's entrance from WWE 2K19
Demon Finn Balor's entrance from WWE 2K19

First and foremost, WWE events are just that - events. They're a show, and a spectacle, and a major part of that spectacle - some would say the biggest part - are the wrestler entrances. Theme songs that let you know who is about to walk that aisle as soon as you hear the first couple of chords.


Flashing lights, pyrotechnics (well, not as much anymore), and other special effects erupting as custom videos play on the stadium scoreboard-sized screen above the entrance ramp. Even "real" sports leagues like the NBA have taken a cue from it for years.

Yukes' and the WWE 2K team have been nailing these entrances for years now, and they're one of the most fun parts of playing the games. Look at how they've recreated the "Demon King" entrance of former Universal Champion Finn Balor over the years.

While, from year to year, the character models of some of the less... prominent Superstars seemed to lack the attention the bigger names get (John Cena's virtual self always looks polished, for example), the game always manages to put a lot of effort into everybody's entrance. And, when you combine that with the Create-An-Entrance Mode that's become a staple in the series, there's plenty of fun to have just right there.

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