WWE 2K23 guide - All managers and brands available in MyGM mode

The MyGM mode this time around is even richer in content than before (Images via 2K)
The MyGM mode is now richer in content than before (Images via 2K)

WWE 2K23 is the latest entry in 2K's long-running licensed video game series celebrating the iconic wrestling brand. With the game's official launch just around the corner, the hype is building for another season of action-packed wrestling gameplay.

The success of WWE 2K22 laid down the fundamentals for most of 2K23's design. This includes the MyGM mode.

MyGM allows players to control the WWE showcase as general managers. They will be tasked with handling one of the brands under WWE and setting up matches between rosters of wrestlers.

Here's how MyGM has expanded for WWE 2K23

MyGM aims to ensure your brand climbs to the top under the WWE banner while competing against rival managers. Players must strategize to ensure maximum fan engagement, which requires handpicking a solid roster and efficiently managing weekly budgets. While MyGM was a highlight of WWE 2K22, it has been expanded upon for 2K23. This comes with new options, managers, and brands.

Let's look at all managers included in the MyGM mode. Many of these are iconic names from the wrestling universe, with each manager possessing a perk or Power Card to help with gameplay.

The following managers will return from 2K22:

  • Adam Pearce: Instigator (The levels of all active Rivalries by boosted 1)
  • Sonya Deville: Power Up (Allows players to grab Power Cards from the store for free during the week)
  • Stephanie McMahon: The McMahon (players will earn twice the amount of money from arena attendance for the week)

These managers are newcomers:

  • Xavier Woods: Cheat Code (Allows a Superstar from an opposing brand to permanently join the player's roster during the following week. Note that the Superstar cannot be a title holder)
  • Tyler Breeze: Quick Recovery (All Superstars under the player will quickly recover 20 stamina points)
  • Kurt Angle: Heart of Gold (In addition to being free to book, all Charity Promos will have their results doubled for the week)
  • Eric Bischoff: Backstage Booking (The cost of booking for all show logistics will be available for free during the week)
  • Mick Foley: Cactus Jacked (Makes it so that two random Superstars from a selected brand will be injured during next week)

Additionally, players can even use their Custom Superstar as a manager. This will offer a unique Power Card as well.

  • Custom Superstar: Legend Whisperer (The first legend signed up for the week will be available for free to players)

However, the following managers will not return in 2K23:

  • William Regal
  • Shane McMahon

Some brands need to be assigned to a manager. These are various labels that, like the managers themselves, also possess unique Power Cards. The familiar names include:

  • Raw: This is War (Three random Superstars from the opposing brand will be unavailable to participate for the next week. Note that this Power Card cannot be used before a PPV/PLE)
  • SmackDown: Birth of Legends (Increases Popularity by +6 for 6 random Superstars in the player's roster)
  • NXT: Fighting Champion (Grants a large rating boost to Title matches that have been booked for the week)

There are a couple of newcomers too:

  • NXT 2.0: Fresh Meat (Allows players to purchase the next 3 Free Agents for the week at a discounted 50% price)
  • WCW: Classically Trained (All current Legends will have their contracts extended by 5 weeks)

Up to four players can participate against each other in MyGM via multiplayer. This should be interesting as players compete to become the best manager. Given this time's variety, one has more ways to orchestrate and gain fame.

WWE 2K23 releases on March 17, 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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