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WWE News: Photos of WWE Superstars' 2K18 character models

The hype for WWE 2K18 continues.

News 12 Aug 2017, 22:49 IST

2K18 is pulling out all stops

What’s the story?

WWE 2K18 is on its way and the WWE’s gaming account twitter has released side by side photographs comparing the graphics for Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and the Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar.

In case you didn’t know...

Rollins was selected as the cover star for WWE 2K18 and will be the first full-time wrestler to grace the cover of a WWE 2K video game since John Cena for WWE 2K15.

The WWE 2K showcase will focus on the 15-year long career of John Cena and cover his rise to fame and his journey to becoming the face of the company. An additional inclusion for the 2K Showcase will feature WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle as a pre-order bonus.

The heart of the matter

Many fans are raving about the level of detail that WWE 2K18 has in comparison to WWE 2K17. Looking at some of the comparison pictures, the wrestlers in 2K18 have a more life-like design with a shine that makes them stand out more.

Another area of improvement, according to fans, has been the muscle definition. Lesnar’s shoulders and arms seem to be more defined than the previous game while the abs of Orton and Rollins show a lot more details than 2K17.

What’s next?

WWE 2K18 will be released on October 17, 2017, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

The following are the breakdown of prices for each version of the game:

Regular Version: $59.99
Deluxe Version: $89.99
Cena (Nuff) Version: $149.99

Author’s take

The graphics for WWE 2K18 are definitely an improvement from 2K17 and the characters included should make for a much more interesting gaming experience.

All we need now are more variety for matches and My Career mode and the game could be one of the best in ages.

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