Xbox News: Microsoft now allowing selection of duplicate gamertags

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Gautam Nath

Xbox will finally allow you to have duplicate gamertags. Previously, you could only choose one specific and unique gamertag which was not being used by other existing players on the Xbox Live service. However, there is still a small catch.

If you have a duplicate gamertag, Xbox will add a "#" and a few digits right after your name. The # and digits are cleverly designed and the display is tinier and much more faded compared to your gamertag.

The image given below was posted on Microsoft's blog post and explains the same. If the gamertag you have chosen is unique and no one has used it before, the # and digits suffix will not reflect against your gamertag.

A screenshot of Xbox UI demonstrating how duplicate Gamertags look.

This update is now available on the PC Xbox App as well as the Xbox Game Bar. It is not yet live on the mobile app and consoles and the change will roll out over the course of the year. You can still change your gamertag on any device but you can't see it everywhere.

Gamertags also support over 200 languages. 10 new scripts have also been added with the update. Here is a full list of the supported alphabet scripts:

  • Basic Latin
  • Latin-1 Supplement
  • Hangul
  • Katakana
  • Hiragana
  • CJK Symbols for languages in China, Japan, and Korea
  • Bengali
  • Devanagari
  • Cyrillic
  • Thai

Microsoft has some other exciting changes coming up in the future so the gamertag change is probably on the bottom of the list. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which combines Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass is now available (in beta). You can also get Xbox Game Pass for the PC to get free games with the service.

A new generation of Xbox consoles (called Scarlett) is also in the works and we can expect more news and updates about it soon.

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Edited by Arvind Sriram
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