Xbox News: Sea of Thieves gets its new update called The Shrouded Spoils


Sea of Thieves, an action adventure game published by Microsoft Studios just got its new free update called the Shrouded spoils. (sounds creepy right?)

Shrouded spoils is out today and its the fourth free expansion pack the Sea of thieves have gotten since its launch in March 2018.

I'm happy to report that the game has significantly gotten better with every update.

Shrouded spoils focus on refining most of the elements introduced at the launch instead of adding more new contents it seems. Here are a few things that you should look out for.

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#1 Fog

It introduces new weather type, a dense fog surrounding the sky and your ship which makes discovering new stuff difficult, you have to work closely with your friends to navigate the world to save yourselves from bumping into rocks.

The fog can appear out of nowhere and this makes the game more interesting because it gives a more dynamic feel.

#2 Kraken and Megalodon revisited

The game's previously introduced enemies such as the megalodon and Kraken are encountered again which now drops loot. The Kraken has been designed in such a way as to respawn more often and make it a tough, challenging encounter.

#3 Ship customization options

It includes new customizations in the cannons and wheels and new endgame content for Pirate Legends.

#4 Skeleton ships, Mermaid statues return

Skeleton galleons and the new skeleton sloop can now appear randomly in the world to hunt players down.

Mermaid statues now drop gems upon destroying and can be sold for Merchant alliances reputation and gold.

The game has two more expansions planned for 2019 in which, the fourth one will contain a new game mode in The Arena. The fifth one will divide the game mode into two different parts which are Adventure and the Arena.

We hope to hear more about these in the future.

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