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Xbox One News: Rocket League Receiving 4K Graphics in December for Xbox One X

Gautam Nath
159   //    22 Nov 2018, 02:00 IST

Rocket League receives enhanced 4k graphics
Rocket League receives enhanced 4k graphics

As part of Microsoft's Xbox One X Enhanced Series, developers Psyionix is releasing a full 4K HDR graphics upgrade for Xbox One. Owners of Xbox One X and a 4K screen will be able to download the upgraded game in the game's December update, which will be released on December 3.

The new update also includes new features such as Leaderboards for the Ranked Extra Mode, changes to the XP / Progression system and other changes which are still not announced. They will also be announcing news about Rocket Pass 2, a seemingly different an upgraded version of Rocket Pass, which grants exclusive in-game items and XP bonuses to players who have purchased it. There will also be information about an in-game event called Frosty Fest 2018 which seems like a Christmas event.

The game will now run at a frame rate of 60 frames per second as well, which is a big change for the user experience. Developers say that the 4K enhancement will not directly affect gameplay. With high latency and a smoother FPS, players who can play on HDR devices will definitely give them some advantage, due to the rich resolution that 4K HDR offers.

Rocket League is known for having generally low system requirements. The simplicity of the game and the cheaper price tag have enabled a huge following of players across all platforms, including the Xbox One. The enhancement update is meant to bring a more immersive experience to players, where they can see animations like Goal Scoring, Lightning Boost and explosions much richer than they have before.

Microsoft has been pushing many other games in their Advanced Technology Group to bring out better gameplay graphics and 4K HDR, which aims to bring the most out of the capabilities of the Xbox One X.