XCOM: Enemy Within reaches Android and iOS

XCOM enemy within
XCOM: Enemy Within

Famous turn-based military strategy simulator game, XCOM: Enemy Within has been launched by publisher 2k Games for the mobile platform of Android and iOS. It was released exactly a year ago on the X-Box 360, PS3 and the PC. Enemy Within is the highly-rated expansion for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The game was ported to the mobile platform by well known developer-Virtuos Ltd.

There are additional features in the this version of the game, such as new weapons and equipment to be obtained, new alien species and a never before heard of organisation; EXALT. Plus there are new capability unlocks for XCOM’s soldiers, like the soldiers being able to operate mechanical cybersuits, or soldiers having the ability to be genetically modified and such. Sadly the multiplayer version is not available for Amazon devices, yet.

Another thing to note for iOS users; the game will NOT run on earlier generation iOS devices.

Character customizations
Gameplay screenshot

Developed by Firaxis Games, the mobile version is now available worldwide on the Google Playstore, Apple Appstore, and Amazon Appstore for only $12.99 USD or £8.99 in the UK.

See the official launch trailer for XCOM: Enemy Within (Mobile version), below:

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