xQc fans defend his actions, say Twitch ban wasn't deserved because he cheated in a "dead game"

Image via The Verge
Image via The Verge
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Streamer Félix "xQc" Lengyel's fans don't think that his stream sniping during the Twitch Rivals Fall Guys tournament warranted a ban.

Recently, xQc was handed a seven-day ban from Twitch for stream-sniping fellow streamers. In what has already been called by the streamer Shroud as a “historical moment,” xQc might have become the first notable streamer to be caught stream-sniping during a tournament.

xQc was allegedly caught stream sniping a rival team made of DrLupo, Shroud, and Tyler1. This move allowed xQc and his team to eliminate DrLupo’s team, even though they failed to claim the victory for themselves.

xQc’s fans have been jumping to his defense ever since the incident, even though xQc himself later apologized and seemed to regret his mistake.


xQc fans defend his actions, say Twitch ban wasn't deserved because he cheated in a 'dead game'

The issue was talked about by a variety of content creators, including Shroud and Jake Lucky of Esports Talk.

In the video below, Shroud says that he believes that this was the first time a notable streamer has made such a huge mistake live on camera. He further said that he doesn’t know how Twitch will respond and wasn’t sure how long the Twitch ban would last in this situation.


Well, the answer to that is now known, as xQc has confirmed that he has been banned from Twitch for a period of seven days. Moreover, as the event happened during a Twitch Rivals event, specifically the GlitchCon Fall Guys tournament, xQc has been banned from all Twitch Rivals events for a period of six months.

As per a statement from Twitch Rivals, xQc’s conduct was infringing Section 7 of The Official Tournament Rules which disallow “cheating of any sort through any means.”

Moreover, the additional rule applicable to xQc is section 7 rule that disallows players from “intentionally delaying or slowing gameplay or tampering with gameplay in any other known or unknown manner.”

However, according to xQc, he did not cheat to gain an unfair advantage in the tournament. He claimed that he did it for “entertainment”, rather than to cheat, something his fans decided to back him for on Twitter.

Image via xQc, Twitter
Image via xQc, Twitter

As you can see, quite a few of his fans thought that what xQc did did not amount to cheating, and took to Twitter to defend the streamer.

While he may have not intended any malice, other streamers seem to agree that the offense itself probably warrants the punishment handed out by Twitch.

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