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YouTuber Boogie2988 allegedly fires a gun at Frank Hassle after he shows up at his house uninvited 

Boogie2988 allegedly fired a gun at fellow YouTuber Frank Hassle.
Boogie2988 allegedly fired a gun at fellow YouTuber Frank Hassle.
Modified 29 Sep 2020, 17:53 IST

Popular YouTuber Steven Jay Williams, aka Boogie2988, was recently trending all over social media after it was reported that he had allegedly fired a gun at fellow YouTuber Frank Hassle.

The latter seems to be living up to his name as he was caught trespassing outside Boogie's house, days after starting a 'harassment campaign' against him. As a retaliatory response, Boogie reportedly fired a warning shot as Hassle continued to stand in his doorway.

According to members of the online community, Frank Hassle has been trolling and harassing Boogie for weeks, and it seems that might have just pushed Boogie to his breaking point:

Luckily, the situation was nipped in the bud, and Boogie2988 himself addressed the entire fiasco in a YouTube video.

The Boogie2988 x Frank Hassle Beef


In his YouTube video, Boogie2988 decided to clear the air and justified his actions as an act against wilful trespassing, which Frank Hasse was guilty of:l

I was trending on Twitter because I had a stalker come to my home today ...several months ago it was this guy's decision to start stalking and harassing me , threatening me mentally, physically , threatening to come to my home, threatening to harm me when he did .
So I pulled a gun on him, I told him to leave my property , I told him that I felt threatened , I fired a warning shot so that he would leave and after that, he did.

Boogie2988 then proceeds to show the camera footage of Frank Hassle coming up to his doorstep and insulting him by taunting and calling him all kinds of derogatory names.

He ends by saying that he has handed over more such footage to the police who will take a final call and proceeds to make the following appeal:

This kind of harassment is very real...this was a very deranged person showing up at my door today with the intention of escalating things . This is why you cannot make threats of bodily harm, this is why this is just not trolling and this is why we as a community, need to condemn this kind of behaviour . Nobody deserves this.

A prominent YouTuber who became heavily involved in reporting the Boogie2988 x Frank Hassle beef was Daniel "Keemstar" Keem, who went on to share his views in a detailed Twitter thread and also released footage featuring the two:


While the situation could have led to a potentially disastrous outcome, Twitter decided to see the funny side of things as the internet was soon flooded with a barrage of Boogie2988 memes, which ended up being approved by the man himself:


Published 29 Sep 2020, 17:53 IST
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