YouTuber explains why xQc & TrainWrecks could go to jail for streaming gambling on Twitch

xQc's gambling streams may hurt him in the long run according to Jeremy from TheQuartering (Image via xQcOW, Twitch)
xQc's gambling streams may hurt him in the long run according to Jeremy from TheQuartering (Image via xQcOW, Twitch)

Soon after popular Twitch streamer Asmongold warned about the potential harm gambling streams could cause Twitch, another YouTuber has come forward with worrying insights as to how xQc and TrainWrecks could go to prison for it.

The video contains leaked DM's between the two where potential shady dealings are involved and are enough cause for concern for the streamers as well as Twitch from a legal standpoint.

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YouTuber warns of gambling stream dangers for Twitch, shares leaked DM's between xQc and TrainWrecks


Jeremy Hambly of TheQuartering, known for covering esports, pop culture and gaming content, did a deep dive into the gambling ecosystem of Twitch streams and compiled evidence of how it will hurt the platform in the future.

Touching upon the use of VPN's by xQc to circumvent the gambling ban imposed by the Texan state government, xQc is in violation of the legal code and is at risk of being arrested.

To make matters worse, online gambling streams usually involve crypto suites that are extremely unregulated and are a gray area in terms of what is allowed on Twitch. In this vein, he revealed some DMs that xQc unknowingly leaked while alt-tabbing on stream, where he and TrainWrecks talk about a potential gambling stream and the dubious conditions around it.

Claiming that these streamers get upwards of 2 million dollars per stream for pushing content for these gambling sites, Twitch needs to tighten it's ToS, as creators are simply loopholing the system to make a quick buck. But this could be damaging for Twitch in the EU, where regulations are strict.

Considering that Twitch as a whole was banned in Slovakia over a gambling stream, Jeremy and Asmongold's warnings could hold merit and should be heeded by both the creators as well as the platform.

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Edited by Nikhil Vinod