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Zombie Studios' 21-year journey comes to an end

Zombie Studios' 21-year journey comes to an end

News 11 Jan 2015, 18:46 IST
The 21 Year Journey of Zombie Studios comes to an end
Zombie Studios closes after 21 years of production

The makers who brought us the exciting games  such as the Spec Ops titles, SAW II: Flesh & Blood, Daylight and their most recent and popular Blacklight: Retribution Zombie Studios adventurous journey has come to an end.

The announcement was made where the grounds for the closing of the studio was specified as per the retirement of the owners thus fulfilling a closure condition on their contract. The studio has been busy lately with the popular Blacklight: Retribution the development of whom and other enterprises of Zombie Studios will now be undertaken by Builder Box Games. An announcement from Zombie Studios described the course of their actions as follows:

In a heartfelt announcement , the owners of Zombie studios shared their words of appreciation for their fans and their loyal employees.  The makers said that behind every achievement of the studios stood the solid backbone of their employees who helped them thrive in both hardware and software undertakings and it is their passion for creation of new games that got them so far in their “adventurous “ journey. They expressed their gratitude towards their fans whose faith made them reach the pinnacle of success.

Builder Box Games are known to have retained the employees of  Zombie Studios who were working on the upcoming game Blacklight: Retribution thus we can hope that the development of the game will carry out in the intended manner as per previous specifications. For now we can say that the gaming community will remember Zombie Studios and their contribution to the industry very fondly.

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