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67th Santosh Trophy: Tournament Statistics

686   //    04 Mar 2013, 18:30 IST

The 67th edition of the National Football Championship for the Santosh Trophy was co-hosted by the states of Uttar Pradesh and Kerala with matches played from February 1 to March 3. Services retained their title against Kerala in a penalty shootout.Quarterfinal round – Results

Group A (Kochi)
Services, Indian Railways (Qualifying Group I, A-1), Odisha (Qualifying Group I, B-2), Madhya Pradesh (Qualifying Group II, winner of Cluster D)

23-Feb-2013: Services 0-0 Railways (4.15pm)
23-Feb-2013: Odisha 3-2 Madhya Pradesh (6.30pm)
25-Feb-2013: Railways 2-1 Odisha (4.15pm)
25-Feb-2013: Madhya Pradesh 0-6 Services (6.30pm)
27-Feb-2013: Services 2-0 Odisha (4.15pm)
27-Feb-2013: Railways 5-0 Madhya Pradesh (6.30pm)

Group B (Kollam)
Tamil Nadu, Goa (Qualifying Group I, D-1), Maharashtra (Qualifying Group I, C-2), Jharkhand (Qualifying Group II, Cluster A winner)

22-Feb-2013: Tamil Nadu 0-0 Goa (3.30pm)
22-Feb-2013: Maharashtra 4-1 Jharkhand (5.30pm)
24-Feb-2013: Goa 0-3 Maharashtra (3.30pm)
24-Feb-2013: Jharkhand 2-3 Tamilnadu (5.30pm)
26-Feb-2013: Tamilnadu 1-2 Maharashtra (3.30pm)
26-Feb-2013: Goa 2-2 Jharkhand (5.30pm)

Group C (Kochi)
Kerala, Uttar Pradesh (Qualifying Group I, C-1), Haryana (Qualifying Group I, D-2), Jammu&Kashmir (Qualifying Group II, Cluster C winner)

22-Feb-2013: Haryana 1-2 Uttar Pradesh (4.15pm)
22-Feb-2013: Kerala 2-0 Jammu&Kashmir (6.30pm)
24-Feb-2013: Jammu&Kashmir 1-3 Haryana (4.15pm)
24-Feb-2013: Uttar Pradesh 2-3 Kerala (6.30pm)
26-Feb-2013: Uttar Pradesh 1-2 Jammu&Kashmir (4.15pm)
26-Feb-2013: Kerala 1-1 Haryana (6.30pm)

Group D (Kollam)
Manipur, Punjab (Qualifying Group I, B-1), West Bengal (Qualifying Group I, A-2), Karnataka (Qualifying Group II, Cluster B winner)

23-Feb-2013: Manipur 0-3 Punjab (3.30pm)
23-Feb-2013: West Bengal 1-0 Karnataka (5.30pm)
25-Feb-2013: Punjab 4-3 West Bengal (3.30pm)
25-Feb-2013: Karnataka 3-1 Manipur (5.30pm)
27-Feb-2013: Manipur 2-4 West Bengal (3.30pm)
27-Feb-2013: Punjab 2-0 Karnataka (5.30pm)

Semifinals (Kochi)
28-Feb-2013: Maharashtra 1-1, 0-1 Kerala [extra-time] (6.30pm)
01-Mar-2013: Services 1-1, 2-0 Punjab [extra-time] (6.30pm)

Final (Kochi)
03-Mar-2013: Kerala 0-0, 3-4 Services [penalties] (6.30pm)

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