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AIFF signs MoU with KNVB to strengthen key aspects of Indian football 

Aman Kapur
1.46K   //    29 May 2018, 21:27 IST
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Whats the story?

The All India Football Federation, signed a MoU with Dutch football federation (KNVB) on Thursday, May 24th, 2018, marking a historic deal with them to strengthen key aspects of Indian football such as the youth development programme, Women’s Football and Coach Education in India.

In case you didn’t know…

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) had been in talks with signing a MoU with the KNVB, since 2011, in lieu of strengthening coaching and training capabilities for football in India. The historic MoU was finally signed by Mr Kushal Das, General Secretary, AIFF and Mr. Gijs de Jong, Secretary-General, KNVB, on May 24, 2018, formalizing the relationship.

The heart of the matter

The key issues on which the MoU focused were mainly the Youth Development Programme, Women’s Football and Coach Education for Football in India. The deal between AIFF and KNVB, will help promote the capabilities of Indian Football Players and coaches, encouraging them to perform better.


Mr. Kushal Das, General Secretary, AIFF highlighting his pleasure after signing the deal, said: “It's great to sign a formal MOU with KNVB. Our relationship with Dutch football started way back in 2011 when Mr. Robert Baan joined us as the Technical Director. He had created our roadmap – the Laskhya which we are still following.”

He added, "Women's Football is something which we are looking at in a bigger way. We have already started our conversation with KNVB regarding the improvement of Indian women coaches. Moreover, we'll be grateful if someone comes here to help us excel in Women's football,”

Gijs de Jong, Secretary-General, KNVB, also expressed his enthusiasm after signing the MOU, and said, "To be honest, we're very proud to sign such an MOU with a football federation like All India Football Federation. We have some experience on the world stage and India is a massive country with a huge talent pool. Hopefully, we can collaborate and help each other,”

“If we both head in the right direction we can play the FIFA Women's World Cup together in the near future,” de Long added.

What’s next?

Collaborations with footballing giants from around the globe will continue boosting Indian talent on the global stage. This deal will help AIFF, with the guidance of KNVB, to promote and enhance the capabilities of football players and coaches in India.