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Delhi League (A-division) Update - Fixtures and Results (Selected)

2.27K   //    29 Nov 2012, 09:28 IST

Delhi Soccer Association released the second part of its fixtures from 1st December to 15th December 2012. The matches will be played in Akshardham and DDA sports complex, Jasola.

Matchday 13(1st December, 2012)

Venue: Akshardham

Bandadarshan vs Uttaranchal Heroes (13:00)

Friends United vs Young Sports (14:30)

Venue: Jasola

Punjab Heroes vs Frontier (14:30)

Matchday 14(2nd December, 2012)

Venue: Akshardham

Shastri F.C vs Mughals(10:00)

Friends United vs Collegians(11:30)

Ajmal F.C vs Uttaranchal heroes(13:00)

Indian National vs Bangadarshan(14:30)

Venue: Jasola

IAF (Palam) vs Royal F.C(10:00)

Uttarakhand vs Cosmos(11:30)

Youngsters vs Garhwal Diamond(13:00)

Moonlight vs Rohini F.C(14:30)

Matchday 15(4th December)

Venue: Jasola

Delhi Cantt. Vs Young sports(13:00)

IAF(Palam) vs Ashoka F.C(14:30)

Matchday 16(5th December)

Venue: Jasola

Shastri F.C vs Royal F.C(13:00)

Mughals vs Frontier(14:30)

Matchday 17(6th Dec)

Venue: Jasola

Moonlight S.C vs Cosmos(13:00)

Youngsters vs Young Boys(14:30)

Matchday 18(7th Dec)

Venue: Jasola

Garhwal Diamonds vs Rohini F.C(13:00)

Indian Nationals vs Friends United(14:30)

Matchday 19(9th Dec)

Venue: Jasola

Delhi Cantt. Vs Collegians(10:00)

Ajmal F.C vs Bangadarshan(11:30)

Frontier vs Royal F.C(13:00)

Young boys vs Rohini F.C(14:30)

Venue: Akshardham

Young sports vs Uttaranchal Heroes(10:00)

Mughals vs Punjab Heroes(11:30)

Shastri F.C vs Ashoka F.C(13:00)

Moonlight vs Uttarakhand(14:30)

Matchday 20(11th December)

Venue: Jasola

Delhi Cantt. Vs Friends United(14:30)

Venue: Akshardham

Indian National vs Ajmal F.C(13:00)

Bangadarshan vs Young sports(14:30)

Matchday 21(12th Dec)

Venue: Jasola

Shastri F.C vs IAF(Palam)(13:00)

Collegians vs Uttaranchal Heroes(14:30)

Venue: Akshardham

Ashoka F.C vs Frontiers(13:00)

Punjab Heroes vs Royal F.C(14:30)

Matchday 22(13th December)

Venue: Akshardham

Garhwal Diamond vs Uttarakhand F.C(13:00)

Matchday 23(14th December)

Venue: Akshardham

Punjab Heroes vs Ashoka F.C(13:00)

Matchday 24(15th December)

Venue: Akshardham

Mughals vs Royal F.C(13:00)

Bangadarshan vs Collegians (14:30)

Results of Matchday 10(28th November)

Shastri F.C 0:1 Punjab Heroes

Mughals S.C 1:3 IAF(palam)

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