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DSA announces fixtures for DLF-ONGC-SAIL A-Division Championship

Delhi’s A-division league will kick off from 17th November in CWG Village, here in Akshardham. 22 teams (divided into 3 groups) will fight for a place in the super six league to be played on round-robin basis. The top two teams will get promoted to the next year’s Senior division while the bottom two will be relegated to the B-division.

The Commonwealth games village in Akshardham will host all these matches and the fixtures till 30th November are as follows:

Matchday 1


Moonlight vs Garhwal Diamonds (1:30 P.M)

Youngsters vs Cosmos F.C (3:30 P.M)

Matchday 2


Delhi Cantt. F.C vs Uttaranchal Heroes (1:30 P.M)

Indian Nationals vs Young Sports (3:30 P.M)

Matchday 3


Uttarakhand F.C vs Young Boys (1:30 P.M)

Ajmal F.C vs Collegians (3:30 P.M)

Matchday 4


Friends United  vs Banga Darshan(1:30 P.M)

Shastri F.C vs Frontier F.C (3:30 P.M)

Matchday 5


Mughals S.C vs Ashoka F.C (1:30 P.M)

IAF(Palam) vs Punjab Heroes (3:30 P.M)

Matchday 6


Cosmos F.C vs Rohini F.C (1:30 P.M)

Moonlight vs Young Boys F.C (3:30 P.M)

Matchday 7


Youngsters vs Uttarakhand (1:30 P.M)

Indian Nationals vs Uttaranchal Heroes (3:30 P.M)

Matchday 8


Collegians vs Young Sports (1:30 P.M)

Delhi Cantt. vs Banga Darshan (3:30 P.M)

Matchday 9


Ajmal F.C vs Friends United (1:30 P.M)

Ashoka F.C vs Royal F.C (3:30 P.M)

Matchday 10


Shastri F.C vs Punjab heroes (1:30 P.M)

Mughals S.C vs I.A.F (Palam) (3:30 P.M)

Matchday 11


Young boys vs Gharhwal diamonds (1:30 P.M)

Uttarakhand F.C vs Rohini F.C (3:30 P.M)

Matchday 12


Indian nationals vs Collegians (1:30 P.M)

Moonlight vs Youngsters (3:30 P.M)

Ps: The fixtures for the games after 30.11.2012 will be released shortly.

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