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FIFA U-17 World Cup Schedule: Full Time Table with venue, ground details, PDF Download

Sumedh Pande
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A 22-day affair will kickstart from October 6

24 teams. 6 venues. 52 games. 22 days. The FIFA U-17 World Cup is the event for which the entire country is waiting in anticipation with baited breath. The football fever is well and truly on with the tournament set to kick off on the 6th of October. Along with the host country - India (who will be seen in a major FIFA tournament for the first time), talented youngsters from the best football teams in the world will be watched with the utmost scrutiny. 

Between October 6 - October 28, the focus of the world will be in India as the future superstars of world football will be taking their first steps in their bid to reach the top.

Here's the FIFA U-17 World Cup Schedule of the FIFA U-17 World Cup and all the groups for the big event: (All match timings are in IST) 

You can download the PDF version here.

Group A

India, USA, Colombia and Ghana

Group B

Paraguay, Mali, New Zealand, Turkey

Group C

Iran, Guinea, Germany and Costa Rica


Group D

DPR Korea, Niger, Brazil, Spain

Group E

Honduras, Japan, New Caledonia, France

Group F

Iraq, Mexico, Chile, England

October 6: 

Colombia vs Ghana - 17:00 GROUP A, Delhi

New Zealand vs Turkey- 17:00 GROUP B, New Mumbai

India vs USA- 20:00 GROUP A, Delhi

Paraguay vs Mali- 20:00 GROUP B, Navi Mumbai

October 7: 

Germany vs Costa Rica- 17:00 GROUP C, Goa

Brazil vs Spain- 17:00 GROUP D, Kochi

Iran vs Guinea- 20:00 GROUP C, Goa

DPR Korea vs Niger- 20:00 GROUP D, Kochi

October 8:

New Caledonia vs France- 17:00 GROUP E, Guwahati

Chile vs England- 17:00 GROUP F, Kolkata

Honduras vs Japan- 20:00 GROUP E, Guwahati

Iraq vs Mexico- 20:00 GROUP F, Kolkata

October 9: 

Ghana vs USA - 17:00 GROUP A, New Delhi

Turkey vs Mali - 17:00 GROUP B, Navi Mumbai

India vs Colombia - 20:00 GROUP A, Delhi 

Paraguay vs New Zealand - 20:00 GROUP B, Navi Mumbai

October 10: 

Costa Rica vs Guinea - 17:00 GROUP C, Goa

Spain vs Niger - 17:00 GROUP D, Kochi

Iran vs Germany - 20:00 GROUP C, Goa

DPR Korea vs Brazil - 20:00 GROUP D, Kochi

October 11:

France vs Japan - 17:00 GROUP E, Guwahati

England vs Mexico - 17:00 GROUP F, Kolkata

Honduras vs New Caledonia - 20:00 GROUP E, Guwahati

Iraq vs Chile - 20:00 GROUP F, Kolkata

October 12:

Mali vs New Zealand - 17:00 GROUP B, New Delhi

Turkey vs Paraguay - 17:00 GROUP B, Navi Mumbai

Ghana vs India - 20:00 GROUP A, New Delhi

USA vs Colombia - 20:00 GROUP A, Navi Mumbai

October 13:

Costa Rica vs Iran - 17:00 GROUP C, Goa

Guinea vs Germany - 17:00 GROUP C, Kochi

Niger vs Brazil - 20:00 GROUP D, Goa

Spain vs DPR Korea - 20:00 GROUP D, Kochi

October 14:

France vs Honduras - 17:00 GROUP E, Guwahati

Japan vs New Caledonia - 17:00 GROUP E, Kolkata

Mexico vs Chile - 20:00 GROUP F, Guwahati

England vs Iraq - 20:00 GROUP F, Kolkata

The top two teams from each group and four best third-placed teams will comprise the round of 16 fixtures. 

Round of 16

October 16:

[2A] V/S [2C] 17:00, Delhi- Match 37

[1B] V/S [3A/C/D] 20:00, Delhi- Match 38

October 17:

[1C] v/s [3A/B/F] 17:00, Goa- Match 39

[1E] v/s [2D] 17:00, Guwahati- Match 40

[1F] v/s [2E] 20:00, Kolkata- Match 41

[2B] v/s [2F] 20:00, Goa- Match 42

October 18:

[1A] v/s [3C/D/E] 17:00, Navi Mumbai- Match 43

[1D] v/s [3B/E/F] 20:00, Kochi- Match 44

Quarter Finals

October 21

[W43] vs [W42] 17:00, Guwahati-Match 45

[W38] vs [W41] 20:00, Goa- Match 46

October 22:

[W40] vs [W39] 17:00, Kochi- Match 47

[W37] vs [W44] 20:00, Kolkata- Match 48 

Semi Finals

October 25:

[W46] vs [W45] 17:00, Guwahati- Match 49

[W48] vs [W47] 20:00, Navi Mumbai- Match 50

Playoff for third place

October 28:

[L49] vs [L50] 17:00, Kolkata 


October 28:

[W49] vs [W50] 20:00, Kolkata

The FIFA U-17 World Cup will be India's first ever FIFA tournament organised in a country, where football is gradually taking center stage. In a cricket-crazy nation like ours, the beautiful game may have taken time to come alive but all signs point to a jubilant beginning as one of the most important global events in international football makes its debut in the sub-continent.

India's addition to the list of 24 pedigreed countries in the sport comes as a massive boost to the country's growing football reputation and following the success of competitions like the Indian Super League, this is certainly the next step in making the country qualify for the senior World Cup.

India won the bid to host the 2017 tournament ahead of countries such as Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Ireland, thus securing the rights to the prestigious tournament over some able competitors. Among the venues ready to host matches at the event are Kolkata's famous Salt Lake Stadium which packs in a maximum of 85,000 people at a go and is scheduled to host the final of the World Cup.

The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi is also set to welcome the World's top teenagers and goes by a capacity in excess of 58,000 people at a time. In addition to these two major cities, Kochi, Navi Mumbai, Guwahati, and Madgaon are also ready to play host later this year.

The stadiums are expected to be jam-packed when the tournament gets underway and while it remains to be seen how the Indian side will fare in their games, we are sure to be in for some exciting footballing action in our own backyard.

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