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FIFA U17 World Cup final: Spain or England? Scientific Astrologer predicts winner of title clash

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Sergio Gomez and Spain could have the last laugh tomorrow
Sergio Gomez and Spain could have the last laugh tomorrow

In a first-ever all-European affair, England will take on Spain in the FIFA U17 World Cup final on 28th October in Kolkata. Who will win this mouth-watering clash which has no-clear favourites? Let’s look at the heavens for some clues.

In football, the coaches occupy a pride of place and have a larger say on the team composition, general control and direction of the team unlike say a cricket coach. Hence the birth charts of the competing coaches need to be examined first. Spanish coach Santiago Denia comes up on top here, as he has a ‘better’ horoscope and is also going through a favourable planetary transit right now. Planet-X (2007 RH283) is transiting its own house right now after 60 years. Planet-X is in a favourable position for Denia while his rival Steve Cooper has the mighty planet in debilitation in his birth chart and hence hampers his chances.

Another important parameter to determine is; amongst the two coaches, who is in the natural karmic line of inheritance. Generally speaking, World Cup winning captains in clusters. If you compare with cricket, 1965-born Steve Waugh was a World Cup-winning captain, followed by a few greats who never captained Australia like Shane Warne and Adam Gilchrist (later they won IPLs as captains) born during 1969-70, followed by Ricky Ponting, born in 1974, and then Mahendra Singh Dhoni, 1981-born.

The previous three FIFA U17 World Cups were won by 1966-1965-1970 born coaches. If we use the astro-logic that we used for cricket, the next super-coach in line-of-succession should be the 1974-born Santiago Denia and not the 1979-born Steve Cooper.

The captains of England and Spain, Joel Latibeaudiere and Abel Ruiz respectively, were born in the same month and share almost similar planetary positions and hence there is nothing to choose between the two.

Finally, it boils down to the men whose rise or fall will determine the fortunes of the respective countries; the goalkeepers. Spanish goalie Alvaro Fernandez has Mars and Pluto, the most important planets for a sports person, in their own houses compared to a no-moon day born English goalkeeper Curtis Anderson, tilting the chances further in favour of Spain.

One factor that would come back to haunt the English team is the absence of the teenage sensation Jadon Sancho in the final stages of the tournament. Yes, Rhian Brewster has been a revelation after missing the penalty in the final of the U17 European Championship in May. But he may find it tough against the astrologically superior defence of Spain.

Brewster ended up on the losing side then and most likely will once again be on the 28th too. In all likelihood, La Rojita will emulate their senior superstars and win the World Cup and ironically, it seems the young English Lions will follow their senior’s footsteps too.

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Greenstone Lobo is a research based, modern, scientific astrologer and has a special interest in sports predictions. He is the author of the book, ‘What Is Your True Zodiac Sign?’
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