Guwahati FC tie-up with Anglian and Atlético Paranaense to develop local footballing talent

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File photo of Guwahati FC and the co-owners (The club have announced an international football academy)

New Delhi, India / Curitiba, Brazil – March 13, 2015: Newly formed Guwahati FC are taking the first steps towards establishing themselves as a powerhouse of Indian football. The club have tied up with Delhi-based Anglian Management Group (AMG) and Brazil’s Clube Atlético Paranaense (CAP) to set up the first international football Academy in North-East India based out of Guwahati.

The Academy plans to train a hundred elite youth footballers from various age groups each in the next three years as well as run numerous programmes throughout the year aimed at attracting many more youth to the sport.

The training will be done under the supervision of CAP’s Brazilian coaches who, in addition to making regular visits to Guwahati, will also train Guwahati FC coaches at the CAP-owned facilities in Curitiba, Brazil.

The Academy aims to offer the best footballing facilities and experiences to young and aspiring footballers. While the Academy is expected to open later this year, most of the ground-work including the identification of facilities has already been finalized, including full-sized pitches, practice areas, lecture theatres and classrooms, changing rooms, gym, canteen, entertainment and requisite medical facilities.

Guwahati FC, which was formed at the end of 2014, aims to establish itself by developing local talent in partnership with AMG-CAP. The club intends to leverage AMG’s international connections and experience in managing football clubs in India and in Europe as well as CAP’s globally-renowned youth football programmes which has earned them success at the highest level, both in South America as well as in Europe.

AMG-CAP had earlier formed a joint venture in India to help develop domestic football at multiple levels, including the management of young and exciting players, advising Indian Super League (ISL) and domestic I-League clubs as well as working with players, coaches, organisational staff and other business entities that happened to be involved in the sport.

CAP are also currently working with the All India Football Federation (AIFF) to help train Indian footballers and coaches in preparation for the U-17 World Cup scheduled to be held in India in 2017. Five of the club’s most promising talents showed their mettle in the inaugural edition of the ISL.

Supporting Quotes:

Sanjive Narain, Co-Owner, Guwahati FC - “We are looking forward to a great working relationship with AMG-CAP as they are ideal partners to help get our Academy started. We are known for our love for football in India, and particularly in Assam and the North East.”

“I am sure this Academy will help our young footballers develop their game not only to the best standards in the country but to global levels as well.”

Dhruv Ratra, CEO, Anglian Management Group, said, “Although Guwahati FC have only just formed, they are showing their commitment to the sport and their fans by establishing a very professional organization.”

“Our Brazilian partners Clube Atlético Paranaense, having recently inked a deal with the All India Football Federation to help train young Indian players for the 2017 U-17 World Cup, will be able to impart the same education to Guwahati FC.”

This will help in the development of footballing and coaching talent that will in turn help raise the standard of the sport in the region and the country.”

Luiz Greco, Director of Clube Atlético Paranaense, said, "From the beginning of our tie-up with Anglian, we have been exposed to the huge potential of opportunities that Indian football has to offer. We appreciate them putting their trust in us to involve us in this project and we have been very impressed with the vision set forth by the management of Guwahati FC from the outset."

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