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India Football Tour: Interview with the finalists 'Proheart Fusion'

809   //    14 Nov 2016, 13:55 IST
Proheart Fusion click a selfie with their trophy

"Proheart Fusion" from Hyderabad qualified for the finals of the India Football Tour after winning the Hyderabad leg of the competition. Here are excerpts from the interview with the finalists:

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#1 How excited are you for the finals?

The team is looking forward to the finals with excitement, anticipation and hunger. We are the champions of Hyderabad and we want to do absolutely everything to make sure we are the champions at the bigger stage

#2 How have you been preparing for the finals?

The players are coming off an exciting and gruelling season of the Hyderabad Futsal League. Now that we've had the much-needed rest we are ready for another great tournament. It's hugely important to get into top physical and mental state to challenge for a top honour and that’s exactly what we have been doing.

#3 What sets your team apart?

It's a very young team with a mature temperament. It’s a team of young and passionate players who thrive under pressure and relish the opportunity to succeed. The team is composed of brilliant individual players who have a lot of respect for each other's abilities and skills. There is a sense of mutual trust and camaraderie which is very important for any team to be successful. And this team must be the youngest in this tournament. 

#4 Players in your team to watch out for and why?

Md. Ahtesham has played alongside the likes of Ronaldinho and Cafu

Although it'd be difficult to pick individuals from a brilliant unit some players have really shone and have proved themselves.

Md. Ahtesham has played for the Goa 5 in the Premier Futsal tournament alongside the likes of some of football's greatest ever like Ronaldinho, Cafu, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. It was a massive opportunity to be on the same team as Ronaldinho and Cafu and he did amazingly well. 

Ibrahim Ali won the emerging player of the season in his debut at the second season of Hyderabad Futsal League. His skills on the ball, a deft touch and ability to read the game will be something to look forward to.

Ibrahim Ali is definitely one to look out for

Aiman Ayaz Ghori is a bright young talented midfielder with skills, which have earned him a place in Team Fateh Hyderabad in the i-league under 19s.

#5 How has the experience with IFT been? 

The whole team had an amazing and wonderful time playing in the IFT. 

Taher Shah: IFT has risen above and it’s not just an amateur tournament anymore.

Syed Ibrahim Ali: IFT is a great platform for young players to showcase their skills and talent.

Ahtesham: I can’t wait for  the Finals to begin and I’m looking forward to winning it.

Fasi: The IFT finals is like the UEFA Champions League of 5-a-side football.

Aiman: IFT is a great tournament and something to look forward every year.

Sheikh Umer: It’s a dream come true for every young and aspiring football player. 

Rashed: The IFT is an exciting tournament with a unique format.

Md Inzamam: Best five a side tournament in the country

#6 History of your club/team. How it all started? How has the journey been?    

Proheart Fusion won the Hyderabad leg of the IFT

Proheart Fusion is an all natural health supplement which promotes physical well-being. It is a brand which started in the United States and now is available in India and the rest of the world.

Proheart Fusion as a company wanted to associate themselves with a sports team in order to promote healthy living. Initially the idea was to sponsor a team but then they decided to start their own team which led to the emergence of this team.

Proheart Fusion has 3 teams, a junior team which won the IFT, a senior team which won the inaugural Super 8 football tournament. A third team is going to represent Proheart Fusion in the Corporate Champion’s Cup. Proheart Fusion is looking forward to field a team in the season 3 of the Hyderabad Futsal League. The journey so far has been nothing short of amazing and we are looking forward to having an astounding tournament.

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