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International Women's Day Special: Dipali Pandey the official Medico, fixing the Indian National Women’s Team

08 Mar 2015, 19:20 IST
Dipali Pandey is the Physio of the Indian National Women’s Football Team.

This is her first term as the physio of the National Team and the upcoming Olympic Qualifiers will be her 3rd Tournament. The team had a Q & A for this Women’s Day.

Q. What are the problems faced by women/girl athletes in India?

I feel lack of support from family, government, media and general population, because they know only know the athlete who are famous and have achieved something not the one who are working hard since so many years and should be recognised for their work.

Q. What do you think is the biggest issue faced by women in Indian Football?

For the duration I have worked with, I feel more facilities and exposure will enhance their performance to the already fantastic quality of game they play.

Q. What structure do you propose for development of Indian football?

From where I see there’s already a good structure formed by AIFF for the development of Indian football. I hope it is and will be implemented correctly in future. Also there are organizations like WIFA working from grassroots and I am sure Indian football will reach new heights soon.

Q. Do you think somebody has been inspired by you?

I never thought about that! I just keep doing my job on and off the field, but I get inspired everyday watching the players putting in their best.


Q. Advice for young budding talent?

I would like to say that stay away from distractions, know your priorities, work hard each day and never quit!

Q. How do you celebrate this day if you were back in your hometown/state?

I would have spent more time with my mother, as she keeps complaining I am never home and I don’t give her much time. So I would have dedicated the entire day to her.

Q. ‘Make it happen’ is the slogan for the International women’s day; how do you connect with it? What message would you send out?

I started working with the boys’ team and initially I was told there is no place for a girl to be in a boys’ team this is just an example but there barriers each one has to face in life and its easy to going low than to overcome it. So whatever it may be just “MAKE IT HAPPEN”.

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