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Manchester United's 2015-16 official kit now available in India

Manchester United's 2015-16 official kit and jersey now available in India.

Feature 21 Aug 2015, 14:26 IST
Manchester United 2015/16 home kit
Manchester United 2015/16 home kit

One clubs kit that had everyone excited was that of Manchester United. Of course excitement is generate every time Manchester United launch their new kits before the new season, but this year was all the more special as the Old Trafford outfit signed a £750 million kit deal with German sportswear giant Adidas, who previously sponsored the club through the ‘80s, making history as the most expensive kit deal every in the process. Millions of fans waited eagerly for the unveiling date to approach as the previous kits crafted by Adidas were nothing short of brilliant, and when the day arrived the fans weren’t disappointed as the company had once again managed to pull off a masterstroke. With that in mind let’s take a look at Manchester United’s 2015-2016 kits.

The Home Kit

As mentioned before, the Adidas kits of the ‘80s were simply excellent, so taking inspiration from them while crafting new kits would make a whole lot of sense and that’s exactly what Adidas did. The amazing new kit doesn’t feature a complicated design, which is a good move on the part of Adidas, and derives its sheer beauty from simplicity. Adidas’ famous three stripes majestically occupy the jerseys shoulders while the v neck collar is white with an underling of black, which is another hat tip to the jerseys of the ‘80s. The lower sleeve features a white band which blends in perfectly with the red, giving the home kit a rather rich look.

The Away Kit

Manchester United 2015/16 away kit
Manchester United 2015/16 away kit

The brilliance of the first kit would be hard to top, but Adidas successfully managed to give it a more than able competitor in the form of the away kit, which once again takes inspiration from the kits of the ‘80s. The stunning away kit features Adidas’ trademark stripes in red on the shoulders as well as a classy red and black v neck collar. The Adidas logo comes in red and sits quite well next to the clubs legendary crest. Owning one of these would be on any fans wishlist.

The Third Kit

Manchester United 2015/16 third kit
Manchester United 2015/16 third kit

Okay Adidas have created not one, not two, but THREE standout kits for Manchester United this year. The wonderful third kit comes in an attractive black and orange combination. The three stripes in shades of orange sit on the shoulders while orange bands occupy the lower sleeves. The Adidas logo as well as the club crest are orange, which is a distinctive feature of the third kit.

All three kits come integrated with Adidas’ Climacool technology, which acts as a cooling agent, as well as unmatched quality. The response to the kits from players and fans alike has been overwhelmingly positive, so expect a lot of kits to sell by the truckload this season. All three kits were designed by Adidas designer Inigo, who also happens to be a Manchester United fan, which explains the amount of passion put into the kits. So what are you waiting for, suit up and raise your voice for your favourite team as they attempt to break expectations.

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