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TAL: Match Reports (Gameweek 2 Division 3)

297   //    23 Nov 2016, 15:47 IST
Sunil S in action for Jain University against Amigos FC

Decathlon FC v. Engineers United

Score: Decathlon FC (3) – (3) Engineers United    


Decathlon FC (Nile D 22’, Vijay K 42’, Sultan Barnes 59’)

Engineers United (Nishank Devaiah 7’, 29’, Kenneth Wong 11’)

With both teams beginning their campaign with wins and looking to keep their winning form intact, GW2 saw the clash of Decathlon FC and Engineers United which was sure to be an important 3 points for either team considering the outcome of the Division 3 results so far.

The match began with Engineers being quick to get on the attack taking Decathlon by surprise. It wasn’t long before the attacking play paid off when Nishank Devaiah edged one past the keeper in the offset of the game with just 7 minutes having commenced and 3 minutes later Kenneth Wong added to the tally with a neat finish.

A stunned Decathlon responded by displaying some attacking football of their own giving the Engineers a hard time. It wasn’t until the 22nd minute when Nile D of Decathlon FC finally found the back of the net for his team. The Engineers, however, had their own plans and decided to put the game out of reach when Nishank Devaiah scored his second goal just before the end of the first half.

The second half saw Engineers United a bit complacent after the third goal but on the flipside, Decathlon who seemed determined to come back were not going down without a fight.

Decathlon orchestrated a barrage of attacks crippling the Engineers United defence and it paid off in the 42nd minute when Vijay K converted for his team and wasted no time as he picked the ball up from the back of the net and rushed towards the half line spot indicating his team was ready to find the next goal.

With 18 minutes on the clock Decathlon tried their best but couldn’t convert any of their chances but it was perhaps a godsend when in the 59th minute they were awarded a penalty for a poor tackle in the box and mainstay Sultan Barnes neatly put it away and gave his team the draw and much-needed point as opposed to a loss.

Man of the Match: Nishank Devaiah (Engineers United)

Upcoming Fixtures (GW 3)

Decathlon FC v Phoenix FC; Engineers United v Bangalore City FC

Vipers FC v. Bullring AFC

Score: Vipers FC (7) – (1) Bullring AFC    


Vipers FC (Abdul Kuka 22’,50’, Atef Ebrahim 26’, Prajwal Nagaraju 30’,58’, Shane Mark 33’, Jeremy Noel 39’)

Bullring AFC (Ranjeeth B 23’)

GW 1 saw Vipers FC emerging victorious over their opponents by a huge margin while it was quite the opposite for Bullring AFC who received a thrashing from their opponents. Vipers wanted to continue their winning form while Bullring needed to make some tweaks in their strategy to change things for the better before it was too late.

The match began and it was unclear whether Vipers had gotten off to a slow start or Bullring were giving them a run for their money as the first 20 minutes was a struggle for position until Vipers FC mainstay Abdul Kuka found the back of the net in the 22nd minute.

Ranjeeth B of Bullring responded the very next minute with a goal of his own and the game seemed like it was going to be a battle till the end until the 26th minute when Atef Ebrahim who played his first match for the team scored a sensational goal and his teammate Prajwal Nagaraju with his lighting fast speed ended the first half adding to the goal tally making it 3-1.

The second half saw the Vipers back in their groove and with a sound defence maiming the Bullring attack. Vipers quickly put the match away when Shane Mark scored a scorcher in the 33rd minute and Jeremey Noel made his presence felt with a goal of his own in the 39th minute and just when things seemed like it couldn’t get any worse for Bullring Abdul Kuka and Prajwal Nagaraju both added to their tallies scoring a goal apiece in the last 10 minutes of the game making it 7-1.

Man of the Match: Abdul Kuka (Vipers FC)

Upcoming Fixtures (GW 3)

Vipers FC v Amigos FC; Bullring AFC v Bangalore Kop

Amigos FC v. Jain University

Score: Amigos FC (2) – (5) Jain University    


Amigos FC (Jithin Joseph 29’, Akhil VN 57’)

Jain University (Vignesh U 5’, 19’, 24’, Mithun J 38, Surender Babu 50’)

GW 1 saw Amigos FC get off to a disappointing start to their campaign with a loss to Sunday Boys while Jain University couldn’t have had a better start thumping their opponents eleven nil. Amigos were eager to get back to their winning ways but were up against quite an insurmountable obstacle in the form of Jain University.

The match began with Jain University showing their opponents why they were a force to be reckoned with as their double hattrick scorer Vignesh opened the scoring in just the 5th minute and as the game progressed Amigos found their hands full with the pacy striker as he went on to score yet another hat trick with a goal in the 19th and 24th minute respectively.

With Jain having a comfortable lead they started to show some complacency and Amigos were quick to take advantage when Jithin Joseph scored in the 29th minute through a penalty to end the first half giving his team a ray of hope for a comeback.

The second half painted a different picture when Mithun J trounced all hope for Amigos scoring a goal in the 38th minute and Surender Babu sealing the deal with a neatly placed goal in the 50th minute but Amigos showed some good spirit by not giving up and Akhil VN clinched a late goal in the 57th minute and all though it didn’t do much to the final score line it lowered the goal difference which would come in handy later on in the season.

Man of the Match: Vignesh Srinivas (Jain University)

Upcoming Fixtures (GW 3)

Amigos FC v Vipers FC; Jain University v Sunday Boys

Joga Bonito v. Phoenix FC

Score: Joga Bonito (2) – (3) Phoenix FC    


Joga Bonito (Sujith J 30’, Gigen Dev 40’)

Phoenix FC (Ishan Dhar 11’, Ram Sharan 18’, Sukanto Guha 24’)

GW 1 saw Joga Bonito taken aback by a stellar performance from Bangalore City FC and Phoenix FC suffer a narrow defeat that could’ve gone differently to Engineers United. Both teams were playing with a motive to get back on track and start competing for the top tier of the table.

The match began with Phoenix FC scrambling to acquire the driver’s seat in the game and did just that with forward Ishan Dhar breaking the deadlock just 11 minutes into the game. Phoenix kept at it with the attacks and 7 minutes later Ram Sharan added to his team's tally and hardly 6 minutes later yet another new signee to the Phoenix squad, Sukanto Guha asserted his presence with a splendid goal in the 24th minute just as all hope seemed to be over for Joga as they were trailing 3 nil in the first half.

Sujith J brought back a glimmer of hope when he netted one past the in form keeper Abel Benny just before the end of the first half.

The second half saw a more determined Joga Bonito that displayed some of their confidence they showed early on in the pre-season friendlies which took their opponents by surprise as they struggled to regain the focus they used to get the lead.

Gigen Dev of Joga Bonito gave Phoenix something to think about when he scored a crucial goal in the 40th minute giving his team 20 minutes to find the equaliser or perhaps even the win.

Phoenix realised that they were throwing away the game and tightened up their defence which resulted in a heart-stopping 15 minutes of Joga Bonito’s all-out attack being negated by the Phoenix defence led by captain Priyankur Basumatary himself which helped secure his side the win and much needed 3 points.

Man of the Match: Sukanto Roy (Phoenix FC)

Upcoming Fixtures (GW 3)

Phoenix FC v Decathlon FC; Joga Bonito v Oldman’s Park FC

Bangalore City FC v. Oldman’s Park FC

Score: Bangalore City FC (14) – (0) Oldman’s Park FC    


Bangalore City FC (Ronak Rajashekar 2’, 41’, James Kapongo 7’, Somipam Chahum 10’, 27’, Anjanappa 12’, Seye Kire 16’, 43’, Klery Lemene 23’, Pritam Maiti 24’, 33’, 36’, Sakthi Vel 50’, 55’)

GW 1 saw polar results for the two teams where Bangalore City FC beat Joga Bonito by a huge margin while Oldman’s Park FC lost to Decathlon FC by a huge margin. Bangalore City FC were looking to increase their goal difference but even a draw would be a great result for Oldman’s.

The match kicked off and surely enough within 2 minutes of the whistle BCFC struck first with Ronak Rajashekar scoring a goal for his side and 4 minutes later James Kapongo added to the tally and it seemed to be a downward spiral for Oldman’s with goal after goal being scored while BCFC made a practice game out of the fixture.

Somipam Chahum went on to score twice before the half-time while experienced midfielders Anjanappa and Klery Lemene, star winger Seye Kire and Man of the Match Pritam Maiti all put in a goal apiece to end the first half at 8 nil.

The second half saw no change in script as BCFC continued to run circles around their opponent and Pritam Maiti scored two back to back goals in a span of 3 minutes followed by Ronak Rajashekar and Seye Kire each adding another goal to their tally and while a distort Oldman’s waited for the final whistle Sakthi Vel opened his tally by scoring two back to back goals of his own to put the match in the bag before the final whistle adding to the much-needed goal difference of his team.

Man of the Match: Prtiam Maiti (Bangalore City FC)

Upcoming Fixtures (GW 3)

Bangalore City FC v Engineers United; Oldman’s Park FC v Joga Bonito

Sunday Boys v. Bangalore Kop

Score: Sunday Boys (18) – (0) Bangalore Kop    


Sunday Boys (Amal Shahid 3’, Athul Gangadharan 6’, Rui Gregorio 9’, Shane Kurian 11’, 15’, 22’, 29’, Shamanth S 14’, Prathap Chandan 24’ 35’, 41’, 48’, 60’, Gowri Shankar 31’, 38’, Suhas S 44’, 56’, Hason B 51’)

GW 1 saw Sunday Boys outperform Amigos FCm in turn, kicking off their title contention campaign while Bangalore Kop weren’t in their usual high spirits after their disappointing loss against Vipers FC. Sunday Boys were eager to ruin Bangalore Kop’s Sunday while Kop would do good if they held the match to a draw.

The final match of Division 3 began and ended up being a TAL record-breaking match of 18-0 with the previous record being held by Division 1 team Gremio FC against Mercurial FC when they won 16-0. Sunday Boys wasted absolutely no time and began taking apart the Kop defence with Amal Shahid breaking the deadlock in 3 minutes followed by goals shot in 3-minute spans from Athul Gangadharan and Rui Gregorio with a good header.

Shane Kurian then scored the first of his four goals that he went to score through the rest of the half along with Shamanth S and Prathap Chandan making their contributions as well.

The second half saw Sunday Boys walk back onto the pitch with an unimaginable 9 goal lead and yet they seemed as determined as ever to keep the scoreboard ticking. 

Bangalore Kop to their credit fought back tirelessly but to no avail as Gowri Shankar scored just a minute into the second half followed by Prathap Chandan adding three more to his tally all back to back goals with the addition of Gowri Shankar, Suhas S and Hason B entering their names onto the scorecards and quashing the previous record held by Gremio FC.

With seconds to spare the man that was particularly on a roll, Prathap Chandan sealed the deal with a goal just before the final whistle ending what could only be described as a one-sided affair.

Man of the Match: Chandan Pratap (Sunday Boys)

Upcoming Fixtures (GW 3)

Sunday Boys v Jain University; Bangalore Kop v Bullring AFC

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