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MLS: Top 6 players playing currently in Major League Soccer

Jesus Estrada
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08 Apr 2019, 13:05 IST

Los Angeles Galaxy v Chicago Fire
Los Angeles Galaxy v Chicago Fire

Since it's inaugural match back in April 6, 1996 the Major League Soccer (MLS for short) has grown exponentially becoming one of the world's most attractive leagues. The Major League Soccer consists of 24 teams, 21 in the U.S and 3 in Canada, divided into two conferences, East and West. The best 7 from each conference progress to what is called the playoffs. Unlike traditional European Leagues, the team on top of the table at the end of the season does not win the league. After the playoff rounds are played out, the winner's from both set's of conferences play in one final match, the MLS Cup.

Sounds complicated? It really isn't. The difference from traditional European League football makes for a fairly attractive league. And unlike many leagues across the globe, the MLS does not have a promotion/relegation system in place. Therefore, the bottom-placed team does not fear being relegated. If this is to change in the future remains to be seen. Unlike many European Leagues, in which many fans and pundits alike know who is going to contend for the title even before the first ball is kicked, any of the 24 teams in the league has an equal chance for the title!

In the past 6 seasons, a total of 6 different teams have won the league!! Sporting Kansas City, Los Angeles Galaxy, Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders, Toronto FC and Atlanta United in that order. Aside from the competitive football in display, the league also has several high profile name's to boost. The idea that the Major League Soccer is a retirement league is a hoax, to say the least. The Miguel Almiron transfer to Newcastle United this past winter transfer market reported $21 million, this show's the league no longer relies on old, past-their-prime, big-name players. So who are the best player's to play in Major League Soccer? 

#6 Wayne Rooney

33-Year Old D.C United Player Wayne Rooney.
33-Year Old D.C United Player Wayne Rooney.

What A Legend. 5 Premier League titles, a Champions League medal, a Europa League medal among countless individual awards. Did I mention he's Manchester United and England's top goalscorer? The manner in which he was treated in both his transfers, from Manchester United to Everton and Everton to DC United, was just awful. A legend with his prestige and stature deserved more respect than what pundits and former players showed Wayne Rooney. At 33, however, Wayne Rooney remains a big threat with his eye for a pass and a vicious threat at goal.

The impact he had in his inaugural season with DC United was tremendous! In his inaugural season, Rooney contributed 12 goals and 6 assists in 20 matches. In the process, transforming DC United from league laughing stock towards a team that finished in the playoffs. The impact aside from the playing field is what makes Wayne Rooney one of the most complete players the league has to offer! With the entire DC United roster benefiting from his presence in the locker room.

This season Wayne Rooney's form has not diminished. Contributing 4 goals and 2 assists in 4 games. Wayne Rooney still has an eye for goal, and although he's not the same player from 6 years ago, he remains an asset and threat any team around the globe would be happy to have. Everton's loss is DC United's gain.

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