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PES 2017: Demo Review

PES 2017
PES 2017 is set to release in the middle of September
Arvind Sriram
Modified 24 Aug 2016, 14:19 IST

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, more popularly known as PES 17 is set to release on 13 September but with the release of the Demo, we get a good idea of what to expect. PES has been in the wilderness for years but last year they managed to turn several heads by making huge improvements and they seem to be continuing that trend with PES 2017.

In an attempt to keep up with FIFA, PES has introduced a number of new innovations and upgrades and is poised to become the greatest football game ever.  The PES vs FIFA debate is quite similar to the Messi vs Ronaldo one and has been raging on for quite a few years. While FIFA has the money, licensing deals and other trademarks, PES provides us with the fun and virtual feel of a video game.

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Here is a demo review of PES 2017 which features a number of changes:

Much improved realism:

PES 2017
PES 2017 sees much-improved gameplay

PES 2016 had the feel of an arcade simulation game. All the players involved felt similarly unrealistic. Now, though, with improved ball physics and player attributes, the game feels exactly like it should. While some players excel in certain areas, others are left way behind. No longer can Per Mertesacker make a Cesc Fabregas like pass from the middle of the defence.

PES global brand manager Adam Bhatti said, "We've also brought in new stats to differentiate between strength, like Giroud, or body balance, like Ozil. Ozil is not the strongest player but he holds the ball well, so those new stats completely change the game. “

Hugely improved graphics:

PES 2017
PES 2017 features some truly breathtaking graphics

PES 2017 is now modern and slick. The menus are no longer like 80’s prototypes. The interface is extremely smooth and players are well illustrated. The presentations are also fantastic. Player likenesses are remarkable especially for the top players like Mesut Ozil. Konami has also promised a wider variety of face options for a number of lesser players. 

The tiny details have been fixed and the game looks a beauty. In this version, the crowds are active, cheering on their favourite players. Celebrations are elaborate and selective. One marvellous aspect of the game is the graphics in the rain. The water droplets simply spray off the net and every splash is noticeable.

Updated team sheets:

In PES 2016, team sheets were left lagging behind. The latest signings were never updated and users had to resort to playing with out of date squads. This version though promises change.  Apart from a day one update, regular weekly updates are set to be rolled out.

Arsenal are finally in the game:

PES 2017
Arsenal are finally a part of the PES family although the kits are still a problem

Yes, you read that right! No more North London. PES are officially allowed to license only 2 Premier League teams and Arsenal are set to be one of them. 

Deadly Adaptive Artificial Intelligence:

Gone are the days where you could simply pass the ball to a speedy winger  for every attack and cut in and finish with aplomb. PES 17 features adaptive intelligence where if a player is overused, the game will compensate by doubling upon that player and crowding him out. This will force players to use variety. 

Overhaul of the Master League and introduction of a new transfer system and cut scenes:

Although the details remain unclear, we still get somewhat of an insight into the campaign mode for the new edition from Bhatti’s interview. "We know people want more managerial options," he said. "They want more cut scenes, new transfer systems, they want to manage their team differently, they want to know what they achieved throughout their managerial career… well, I've pretty much told you everything there."

Introduction of actual goalkeepers:

PES 2016 featured goalies who were ridiculously easy to beat. According to Bhatti, this was the most requested change and boy have they worked on it. Goalkeepers now have FIFA like attributes with their acrobatics, positioning and other key features. They are also available to come forward for corners, another feature lacking in 2016.

Introduction of better tactics and strategies:

Most players prefer to just play the game without too much thought about strategy and tactics. The new additions though could change that. A number of strategies are provided including the beloved Tiki-Taka for offence to the Gegenpressing for defence. These can all be selected from the advanced settings option and assigned using the D-Pad buttons.

A number of other strategies are also present including a selection of back post runs and forming trains into the box.

Bhatti feels that the release will be positive and is happy with where the game is at the moment.  "Our first announcement is usually cover star, release date, modes, but this year we said no, let's let people play it. “

He went on to add, “We're so confident with the quality of the game right now, even though we're still working on visuals, animations, Master League and the rest. By the time we get to Gamescom in August, this game is going to blow people away."

PES 2017 is expected to be released on the 13th of September for various platforms including PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Published 24 Aug 2016, 14:15 IST
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