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"I will manage a club in a couple of years," says Manchester United legend Nemanja Vidić

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Manchester United v Inter Milan - UEFA Champions League
Vidic won five Premier League titles at Manchester United

On 29 January 2016, Former Manchester United defender, Nemanja Vidić retired from football, playing his last game for Inter Milan. No more than two years later, the Serbian is once again in the thick of things, actively pursuing his next objective of becoming a manager.

Nowadays, he spends his time playing golf and tennis and looks far less aggressive. He is currently in Mumbai as part of "The Football Movement", a forum discussing commercial sustainability and the growth of football in India.

On Friday, Vidic sat down with Sportskeeda in an exclusive chat, and spoke about why he isn't yet ready to plunge into management.

Q: What differences do you see in the modern day defender compared to 5-10 years back?

A: Defending in the final third of the pitch doesn't change much, but in terms of defending, they are asked to do much more. Not just defending, they also have to be good with the ball so it's changing.

I think for defenders of the older generation, it will be difficult to straightaway adapt but it's good for football. The game is going forward, the teams are trying to score more that is why the fans come to the stadiums, to see more goals. Football has changed.

Q: How's your Pro License coming along?

A: I don't go every day, we attend five days for every four weeks. It's not as demanding but it is very knowledgeable and I learn a lot. Over the years, the course has also improved a lot. Now it's not just about football, it's about managing the players, managing the staff.

To be fair I am enjoying it, the FA is doing a great job with the Pro License. I have been in it for the past one and a half years and it's passed very quickly. I am better than when I started.

Q: How close do you think you are to managing a club?

A: To be fair, I am still looking to improve, to learn so I am not still trying to find a job. I want to be ready and learn as much as I can. When you start working, you don't have time to learn so it's important to make use of all the knowledge I get. I think it will be a couple of years until I manage a club.

Q: Do footballers need to be friends for the team to do well?

A: I think players don't need to be friends but they have to be professional. You have to always be respectful of your teammates. There are 25 players in a squad, maybe it could happen that you don't get along with one of them but you still have to respect him. We have the same goal so only together can the team improve.

It's important to understand that. Without the help of the player next to you, you cannot become the best version of yourself. We're seeing more professionalism in football now that is why I need to have a lot more knowledge than them. As a manager, I should be able to explain to them why we're doing certain things.

Q: One important thing you learned while you're preparing to be a coach?

A: When I was a player, I was only thinking about myself and what I will do on the pitch. Now, I am learning that I need to be able to manage the group, not only on the pitch but also off the pitch. That part is very exciting and I've learned a lot in terms of that.

Q: Who controlled the music in the dressing room during your time?

A: That's a difficult question! We had a few guys who liked to run the music in the dressing room. It was Rio Ferdinand, Evra - those two and then the younger generations like Ashley Young. Some players like music in the dressing room but others liked peace.

At my time we had a lot of players from different countries, so it was different music. At times, the Argentinians put on their music then Berbatov would come and play his music! In the beginning, I liked it but then last 15 minutes before the match, I want to concentrate without music.

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