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Rajib Roy: From the streets of Kolkata to Manchester United

Akshay Ron
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Rajeeb Roy

Rajib Roy

Blind Side. Cinderella Man. Invincible.

Should you have watched all of the above mentioned movies, you would know that each one of them portrays a storyline whose basis is essentially the same. To describe the bottom-line of these movies in one word, Rags to Riches.

A sudden spark out of nowhere and the protagonists realize that they are at the forefront of attention while they were riddled with animosity no longer than a few days ago.

The ingenious plot of these movies is derived from none other than the real lives of professional sportspersons. This clearly shows that sport is one of the few things that can imbibe someone irrespective of his conditions.

These sportspersons primarily relied upon their determination and courage to make their way onto the big stage. By saying which, we imply that life wasn’t any bit easy until they found the lucky break and the withering of their former period has been a building block in their road to success

Should we consider any of the movies to have made an impact on life, I doubt few cases would come up. But then, among the few there is one which has unquestionably been the shining light to have emerged out of these movies. The heir apparent to them, this boy has been the subject of a countless praises since his tryst with spotlight while enduring as many disgraces before that.

Rajib Roy, from Kolkata has been selected to train with the Manchester United U-21 squad for a couple of weeks as part of a special program. Having been born and raised up in poverty, he has earned a chance at redemption.

His mother, a sex worker in the red light district of Kolkata has been overjoyed with the news of her son’s arrival at the grand stage. After all, it is not every day that your son is called up by Manchester United.

The imprint of his birth condition may have bore upon him to have a better shot at life. The value that should currently be bestowed upon his head has grown manifolds from a few days earlier.

The thoughts of training with Manchester United are garnered by so many in the world but in the end, barely a few manage to make it real.

But this young lad, who had never hoped for such an implication to his name, has suddenly become the rendering of a whole country’s praises.

Rajib Roy, who was subject to being looked down at due to the poor condition of his family, now serves as an inspiration to millions of people around the globe. After all, prostitution is a practice that is going in every nook and corner of the world.

The inherent quality of people to get inspired is thankfully the most potent when it comes to achieving a dream.

With being selected for the training camp at Old Trafford, Rajib Roy may have done much more than just prizing an inception to his footballing career. Manchester United’s incentive policy of scouting round the globe for talented youngsters may have just insinuated the staggering growth of young football in a country where football has always been a second choice for children.

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