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Real Madrid's 2015-16 official kit now available in India

Real Madrid's 2015-16 official kit and jersey now available in India

Feature 23 Aug 2015, 10:16 IST
Real Madrid 2015/16 home kit
Real Madrid 2015/16 home kit

Real Madrid have a lot to look forward to this campaign in the form of a new season, new challenges, new players, and above all a new manager. One thing that has been a staple during the club’s quest for glory over the years is their iconic white jersey, in fact their nickname Los Blancos, which means ‘The Whites’ is derived from none other than their famous uniform, which has graced the bodies of some of the clubs greatest ever players as well as been a part of every single one of their ten Champions League victories. And with a new season comes a new jersey, so let’s take a look at the one they’ll wear as they go out to battle this term.

The Home kit

The new kit, designed by Madrid’s longtime sponsor Adidas, is their most attractive yet. Adidas, like they’ve done with a number of teams’ jerseys this season, have chosen to go a bit retro with Madrid’s kit this campaign, and have designed a jersey reminiscent to the one players like Alfredo Di Stefano dawned in the club’s golden era. The German sportswear manufacturer has ditched the colour black for their trademark three stripes which don the jersey, and have instead opted for a more drab grey, which blends perfectly with the white, helping the shirt achieve its classic look.

The Away Kit

Real Madrid 2015/16 away kit
Real Madrid 2015/16 away kit

The away jersey has swapped pink for grey this season, and to be honest looks quite brilliant. The fluorescent colour chosen for the stripes, once again manages to seamlessly blend in with the grey. The club crest also manages to fit in neatly along with the Adidas logo, which is once again a move by the company to keep it all things retro. The pink away kit certainly reflected the clubs flamboyance, but this grey kit seems to paint a picture of the team as a silent predator, waiting to pounce on the slightest mistake by its prey. All in all Adidas have done a fantastic job with the away kit this year. I won’t be surprised if fans buy both the home and away jerseys at one go.

The Third kit

Real Madrid 2015/16 third kit
Real Madrid 2015/16 third kit

And last, but not least, we come to Madrid’s third kit, which is coloured in an attractive navy blue. It hasn’t been officially unveiled by the players yet, but the replicas are already on sale. The third kit will undoubtedly be overshadowed by its other two variants, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad piece of clothing and will make a good addition to every fans box of mementos.

All three kits come fitted with Adidas’ brilliant Climacool technology, which helps keep its wearers cool even when the heat’s on them (pun intended). The kits haven’t been released in India yet, at least not online, but expect that to change shortly as the new season approaches. So grab your kit, whichever one of the three appeals to you, as soon as possible as there’s no better feeling than donning the colours of your beloved team and rooting for your heroes who do it proud.

Buy the Real Madrid’s 2015/16 official jersey here

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