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Sunfeast Roots Football League's third season kicks off

Press Release
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U13 - Vir of Bisons celebrating a goal
Vir of Bisons celebrates a goal

8th February, 2015, Bangalore: The third edition of the Sunfeast Dream Cream Roots Football League organized by Game On Sports Management Pvt. Ltd. kicked off at the Holy Ghost Church grounds in Richards Town.

The two month long weekend football league has youngsters in the age groups of 4-15, demonstrating their football skills in a competitive environment. Divided in 5 categories; Under 7, Under 9, Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15, each of the teams will play a minimum of 6 matches to be crowned the champions of the league in their respective categories.

The participants who register individually are divided into teams based on their level of play and are coached by parent volunteers, with as many as 26 parent coaches taking charge of various teams. An opportunity for junior football players to participate in an organized playing environment, the Sunfeast Dream Cream Roots Football League is an initiative towards inspiring more children in these age groups to make football their preferred sport and consequently building the base of football in the community.

After the third round of the Sunfeast Roots Football League, the fight to finish on top of the league gets intense with very little separating the top teams in each age category.

Unitus Capitsal Cheetahs and Sharks are tied on 7 points each in the Under 7 category, with Pramit Majumdar (Bethany School) of Sharks leading the goal scorers with 10 goals and Shankar Kurup (Presidency School) of Orchestrate Eagles scoring 9 so far.

Pic 2 - U7 - Shankara (Eagles)and Philbert
U7 - Shankara and Philbert vie for the ball

Leading the table in the Under 9 category is Orchestrate Eagles with 7 points and Unitus Capital Cheetahs closely behind on 6 points. Mihiran (Poorna School) of Unitus Capital Cheeths with 6 goals is leading the goal scorers.

In the Under 11 category the undefeated Sharks are leading the table with 9 points and Unitus Capital Cheetahs are at second spot with 7 points. Zane Lateef (Mallya Aditi International School) has been really impressive for the Sharks having scored 10 goals in 3 matches.

The Under 13 category has the Sharks and Lions tied on 7 points from 3 matches. Gokul Joshua (Eastwood High School) is in great form with 6 goals including 5 goals in his last match.


In the UNDER 15 category the Rhinos are leading with 7 points with the Bisons closely behind on 5 points. Mohammed Safwan (Presidency School) of Rhinos and Nikhil Raj (St. Meera's School) of Orchestrate Eagles have scored 5 goals each.

Scores: ROUND 3

Under 7
1) Sharks Drew Unitus Capital Cheetahs 3-3 ( Sharks - Pramit -1, Lenoy-1, Ahan Gupta – 1; Unitus Capital Cheetahs - Manohar Shenoy - 3), MOM – Manohar Shenoy
2) Orchestrate Eagles Def Lions 4-3 ( Orchestrate Eagles: Shankar – 4; Lions: Isvar -1, Milan -2), MOM – Shankar Kurup

Under 9
1) Orchestrate Eagles Drew Sharks 0-0 , MOM - Dhruv Sakaria
2) Unitus Capital Cheetah Def Lions 3-0 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Mihiran - 3) MOM – Mihiran M

Under 11
1) Unitus Capital Cheetahs Def Lions 2-1 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Aryan D'souza - 2 ;
Lions: Mac -1), Mom – Aryan D'souza
2) Bisons Def Orchestrate Eagles 3 -1 (Bisons – Neil - 1, Aadit Mathews – 2; Orchestrate Eagles: David -1), Mom-Aadit Mathews
3) Sharks Def Rhinos 5-2 ( Sharks- Rayaan - 1,Zane – 4; Rhinos: Daksh – 1,Mir Moosa - 1), Mom – Zane Lateef

Under 13
1) Rhinos Def Orchestrate Eagles 5-0 ( Rhinos: Dev -1, Aryaman – 1, Aryan Amla - 3), Mom - Aryan Amla
2) Lions Def Bisons 2-1 (lions-Raghav -1, Roshan -1; Bisons: Tahir - 1), Mom-Yoshinori Matsuoka
3) Sharks Def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 6-1 ( Sharks: Nabeel – 1,Gokul - 5 : Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Jessica - 1), Mom-Gokul Joshua

Under 15
1) Rhinos Def Lions 3-2 (rhinos : Dhanush Joe - 1,Md Safwan - 1,Dhruvan 1; Lions - Prajeet 2), Mom – Prajeet Das
2) Orchestrate Eagles Def Sharks 3-1 ( Orchestrate Eagles: Nikhil- 2, Dhanush R - 1 : Sharks: Aryan Anand - 1), Mom-Nikhil Raj
3) Bisons Drew Unitus Capital Cheetahs 2-2 ( Bisons: Fuzail - 1,Advaith – 1; Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Mark - 1,Rakshith - 1), Mom - Fuzail Nayeer

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