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TAL “CRYSTAL BALL” Gameweek 4 Division 3

What does the predictor have in store for us for this week?

Engineers United v Bangalore City FC (GW 3)

Division 3 has certainly lived up to our expectations revealing the who’s who of the league. With teams like BCFC and Sunday Boys cementing their position at the top of the table there is an epic battle unfurling between teams to avoid the bottom of the table with teams like Amigos and Decathlon showing signs of potential that could take them to the top giving the other teams a run for their money.

10:00 AM - Decathlon FC v. Joga Bonito

The first game of the day sees Decathlon FC take on Joga Bonito in what is a super important match for both teams. Decathlon need the win to stay in the top half of the table while Joga Bonito need the win to turn things around considering their series of unfortunate performances that didn’t quite pan out the way they wanted.

Decathlon are doing good so far and are in a good spot on the table; they will be looking to keep things going the way it is by staying on top of things. Joga Bonito will be relying on their strong defence followed by counter attacks courtesy of their quick strikers.

Players to watch: Benoit L (Decathlon FC), Gigen Dev (Joga Bonito)

Crystal Ball: Decathlon FC (3) – (1) Joga Bonito

11:30 AM – Oldman’s Park FC v. Engineers United

The second game of the day sees an Oldman Park with a new found zeal looking to turn things around up against the Engineers that just apart from a brilliant start stumbled upon a speed breaker during their last game in the form of BCFC but will be looking to regain their momentum.

Engineers seem to be the clear favourite going into this match, but Oldman’s Park are a team that are known for pulling tricks out of their sleeves and taking them lightly should be done at the Engineers' own risk.

Players to watch: Ammar M (Oldman’s Park FC), Raj Suman (Engineers United)

Crystal Ball: Oldman’s Park FC (0) – (2) Engineers United

1:00 PM – Jain University v. Vipers FC

Probably the most intriguing match of the day, both Jain University and Vipers have almost identical standings on the table. Having gotten off to excellent starts and facing a road block each which resulted in a loss for both teams, they will be on a pursuit to regain their lost form, and it will be interesting to watch who comes out on top.

Jain University have the additional experience on their side giving them the edge over Vipers but if the past few matches are anything to go by then Vipers have indeed displayed a tremendous display of heart, and this match is going to be a straight up brawl between heart and experience.

Players to watch: Surender Babu (Jain University), Senan Singh (Vipers FC)

Crystal Ball: Jain University (3) – (2) Vipers FC


3:00 PM – Amigos FC v. Bangalore Kop

Amigos FC and Bangalore Kop can certainly relate to one thing in common which is that both teams didn’t quite start off their campaign the way they would’ve wanted. However, Amigos FC seemed to have turned things around with their win against Vipers last week and are looking to be in good form while Bangalore Kop are yet to tap into their full potential.

Amigos FC are the clear favourites given Bangalore Kops battered morale having been unable to get a point on their board yet. But if Amigos have learned anything so far it is not to take their opponents lightly and will be going all out to secure the win. The ball is in Bangalore Kop’s court, and it remains to be seen what how they will respond.

Players to watch: Uday Kumar (Amigos FC), Uttkarsh Kekre (Bangalore Kop)

Crystal Ball: Amigos FC (3) – (1) Bangalore Kop

4:30 PM – Bangalore City FC v. Phoenix FC

Bangalore City FC need no introduction, they have taken the league by storm so far and are looking truly unstoppable but they say what goes up must come down which is why complacency is the last thing on BCFC’s tactical board. Phoenix FC have proven their mettle by displaying what they are capable of, but this match will require them to go all out and then some more if they are to cause an upset to the pole runners.

Bangalore City FC have no room for errors considering Sunday Boys are hot on their tale with just goal difference separating the two teams, Phoenix, on the other hand, are on the fence and their next couple of matches will determine where they stand in the table.

Players to watch:  Somipam Chahum (Bangalore City FC), Saifulla (Phoenix FC)

Crystal Ball: Bangalore City FC (4) – (1) Phoenix FC

6:00 PM – Bullring AFC v. Sunday Boys

The last match of the day sees Bullring AFC take on Sunday Boys who are in the second position only because of goal difference. Sunday Boys firmly established themselves after they convincingly defeated Jain University last week. Bullring AFC, on the other hand, got off the mark last week when they beat Bangalore Kop given them the much needed 3 points.

Bullring AFC will have to play on the defensive if they are to keep the Sunday Boy’s attack at bay. Sunday Boys are the clear favourites but much like BCFC they have no room for complacency and will be looking to stay on top of things scoring as many goals as possible to gain the advantage of goal difference.

Players to watch: Dushyanth Suresh (Bullring AFC), Rui Gregorio (Sunday Boys)

Crystal Ball: Bullring AFC (0) – (3) Sunday Boys

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