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The rise of FC Kudlu

894   //    04 Nov 2016, 13:09 IST
FC Kudlu pose for the shutterbug during the pre-season Friendlies

The story of FC Kudlu is certainly an inspirational story for all the teams not only in the Amateur League but all the football teams that are in their formative stages and are looking to make it as a successful team.

FC Kudlu was a team that was formed to play in The Amateur League during its third season in Division 2, the team started off like any other new team with a few wins here and there and mostly losing their games.

They weren’t able to find their footing and work together as a team, ending with a disappointing 9th place finish in the bottom of the table. It became evident that nothing short of numerous practice sessions and an overall team spirit construction was required if they were to amount to anything let alone a competitive side.

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In the inaugural edition of the cup Kudlu showed up as a different team, Kudlu 2.0 if you must and much to everyone’s surprise FC Kudlu didn’t just meet their expectations, they far exceeded them by taking things to the next level.

And if the pre-season friendlies are an indicator of things to come, it wasn’t a one-time thing. Let’s closely examine just how this mediocre team transformed themselves into a super squad with limitless potential.

#1 They have pulled up their stockings

The team knew that the first order of business was to know that they had a committed squad that was willing to not just play for the team but give their sweat and blood as well and rightly enough the response was overwhelming with nearly all their members swearing by the Kudlu Kode.

#2 The club has bought the right players

The next order of business was to fill in the blanks and strengthen the squad by adding new and talented players to the squad that were willing to commit to the team and they did just that by recruiting many new players out of which the most noteworthy ones that really seemed to make a difference are Alpha Oumar Balde, Mark Ngaithe and Victor Ihonde. These guys are a threat to any defence and can be the difference makers when the team is in a tight situation.

#3 They have developed a unique style

It was crucial that FC Kudlu needed to have a style that they could call their own and also they wanted to get the word out on the street that they are a side not to be taken lightly, with this came the advent of the FC Kudlu Facebook page.


The page has regular updates regarding the team and its players which makes it convenient not just for their players to access all the related information but also made it accessible to absolutely anybody that was interested in the team which turned out to be a great way to ensure the recruitment of future FC Kudlu players.

In case you’re curious to find out more about the team, here is the link: (

#4 A team that practices together, wins together

Last but not the least it was imperative that the team knew each other’s game in and out and Kudlu made no mistake here as they put in those long hours of practice and saw immediate results.

This was apparent in the open age tournaments that they took part in all over the city, but most of all they saw incredible results in the TAL Cup where they surprised Division 1 teams with their stellar performance. They finally were a complete squad that other teams couldn’t take lightly.

FC Kudlu set the standard for the rise of a team to become a competitive squad and they have done so in the most efficient and awe-inspiring way. They certainly have proven that no task is impossible and that anything can be accomplished if one sets their mind to it and sticks to it without compromise. Here’s to FC Kudlu!

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