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Umbro Velocita Review

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Umbro Velocita

One of the most iconic brands in world football has got to be Umbro. The legendary English sportswear manufacturer has a rich history in the sport and has been the brand of choice for many classic teams including Brazil’s legendary 1958 World Cup squad, the immortal Manchester United team of the 1950’s and 1960’s as well as the Liverpool side that won four European Cups between 1977 to 1984.

Umbro was also the kit of choice for the England national football team when they were crowned as world champions in 1966, which was undoubtedly their finest hour in football. All in all, I’d say Umbro has done enough to carve a permanent niche for itself in football history.

Although Umbro first started making football boots only in 1986, they still managed to make a mark and were the brand of choice for Alan Shearer and Michael Owen, undoubtedly the finest strikers of their generations, as well as numerous other players.

Umbro has come up with quite a fine boot in the form of the Velocita, which at 165 grams holds the distinction of being the company’s lightest ever. The English sportswear manufacturer has spared no expense in developing the boot, and by the looks of things their efforts have paid off.

High on looks, the Velocita, just like its name suggests, is built for speed and comes equipped with a super lightweight microfiber upper body which allows more natural movement to the foot as well as providing a sleek look to the boot. The laces of the Velocita are also flattened out to cut out the use of nylon as much as possible, which helps up its comfort.

The interior of the Velocita offers a lot of comfort and support

What Umbro have also done is fit their boots with sock liners in order to enhance comfort even more as well as provide a near perfect fit. Keeping that in mind Umbro has fitted the Velocita with sock liner to accomplish the above tasks. The lining inside has also helped give the feet extra solidity and support.

Coming to the bottom, Umbro has pulled off a real masterstroke by fitting the Velocita with a lightweight sole plate which features a beautifully modified stud configuration. The solid A-frame helps provide support to the feet from all sides, thus protecting them better. In order to protect the top of the feet better, the Velocita also has a feature very similar to a second skin, which basically consists of a super, lightweight upper support, allowing greater safety for the feet.

What makes the studs of the Velocita unique, are their diamond shape which helps enhance your performance on the field due to their lightness, which makes way for faster movement. The soleplate also comes integrated with a protective external heel counter which, needless to say, offers added safety during matches. Another advantage is the manner in which the studs have been configured, which enables faster movement, and can help players get away from their opponents faster.

The fact that the boots fit your feet perfectly, and have additional features on the sides to allow for better rigidity and structure, yet keeping the overall model lightweight is something that makes the Velocita very appealing.

The distinctive diamond shaped studs of the Velocita

The Velocita comes in attractive colour combinations of blue, white and black as well as black, pink and blue which not only gives  them a distinctive, futuristic look but also appeals to female players as well.

All in all, I’d say Umbro have gone in the right direction with the Velocita which will be a worthy competitor to any other product in the market. Professionals, as well as amateurs, can bank on the famous Umbro reliability whenever they put on a pair of Velocitas, which are sure to get the goods delivered wherever they go.

You can get all the latest updates on Umbro products on their Facebook page here.

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