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Video: Sportskeeda tests fans' knowledge of the clubs they support

1.35K   //    29 Aug 2015, 20:13 IST

Sportskeeda is on a mission to weed out the glory hunters from the ardent supporters of football clubs and in that interest, we put supporters of Manchester United, Real Madrid, Arsenal, and Liverpool to the test. It was a mixed bag of questions from the easy ones to the toughest ones and like their clubs, some stumbled but others emerged looking much better.

The general consensus of the definition of a glory hunter is that he/she is a person who supports a club only by the virtue of them being on top of the table or winning trophies rather than out of love for the club. They’re generally polar opposites of ‘hipsters’ and are usually characterised by a lack of knowledge of the club which makes a pop quiz of sorts an easy way to weed the real fans from the glory hunters.

The questions varied from knowledge about the club’s players to their history and talismans. The only pre-condition was that the responses would have to be given within 5 seconds of when the question is asked. A simple situation that makes simple question more complicated to answer.

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