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Warrior Skreamer II Review

1.54K   //    24 May 2015, 17:29 IST
Warrior Skreamer II

After Warrior revolutionized the football world with the Skreamer’s, creating a follow up was naturally going to be a massive challenge. However Warrior, being an American company who previously had no experience in soccer football whatsoever, proved that they had what it took to pose a challenge to their bigger, well established rivals. As a result the Skreamer’s successor the Skreamer II was created just in time for the 2014 World Cup. But did the Skreamer II’s manage to pick up where its predecessor left off? Let’s do a low down on them and find out.

The first thing that puts the Skreamer II on top of its predecessor is its brilliant design – something that Warrior has always managed to get right so far. Don’t get me wrong the first Skreamer’s design was nothing short of excellent, but the only thing that went against it was the arrowhead designs that almost covered every inch of the front which was prone to trapping dirt.

Warrior learned from that mistake and instead of showering the boot’s front in the arrowhead material, they simply systematically spaced them out in the Skreamer II’s which not only retains the boot’s shooting power without compromising on maintenance but also makes them more flexible too. All in all I’d say that it’s a pretty solid upgrade.

The Skreamer II’s magnificent front

The Skreamer II’s upper material also gets an upgrade, and is now tailored from sturdy microfiber material which adds to the boot’s lightness along with making it more waterproof than the previous edition which is a big relief to players who love a kickabout come rain or shine.

Another area of the Skreamer II that also gets rewarded with an upgrade is the laces which have been integrated with ‘Deep Lace’ technology, which enable the boot to adjust to any foot, be it broad or narrow, without a hitch. The ‘Murder Holes’ in the boot also compliment adjustments without the hassle of untying the boot in the midst of a game.

Another remarkable feature of the Skreamer II is its heel which has been equipped with a ‘Thorax Exoskeleton’ which provides ample protection to the foot as well as added security against tough tackles or unexpected challenges. All in all its safe to say that Warrior didn’t skimp of security with this boot despite its name.

The Skreamer II’s magnificent soleplate

Last but not least the Skreamer II’s soleplate has also received a bump up from the previous edition, and now features a lightweight, speedy TPU spine replacing carbon fibre as well as injection moulded ‘Clawtec’ studs which not only provide enhanced stability but also extra traction. This superb feature is bound to find many takers within the football community.

All in all I’d say Warrior have really outdone themselves with the Skreamer II, which is set to make its final bow this season in order to make way for Warrior’s parent New Balance who are set to enter the boot market come July. However don’t let the fact that the Skreamer II being the last boot of its kind stop you from purchasing it because even though it’s been in the market for a while it still has plenty to offer. In fact New Balance should take a few tips from the Skreamer II when they get about designing their new boots.

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