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About Fortnite Augments

The Fortnite Reality Augment system was introduced to the game at the start of Chapter 4 Season 1. While at first, the community was rather confused about this new mechanic, it soon became a popular add-on to the Battle Royale game.

In short, Reality Augments grant the user a temporary buff or boost in-game. This allows the player to acquire a sort of class-like system during gameplay, which enables them to excel in certain attributes throughout the course of the match.

These bonuses can be anything from greater mobility to more damage output while using certain weapons. Some Reality Augments also provide the user with Exotic weapons, which can shift the dynamics of combat to a great extent. Others can even provide the user with utility/healing items. They can, to a large degree, function as healers in combat, ensuring that the entire Squad survives anything opponents can throw at them.

Every season, since the start of Chapter 4, Reality Augments have been added and removed over time. Some are removed to make way for newer ones, while certain Reality Augments are removed when the item/weapon associated with them is also vaulted, either due to unforeseen circumstances or otherwise.

While the Fortnite Community is not always happy about these changes, Epic Games does this to ensure that things stay fresh for players and things do not become mundane.

Types of Augments

There are numerous types of Reality Augments in Fortnite. As mentioned, some boost combat capabilities, while others enhance tactical support options and help keep the Squad alive. Nevertheless, they can be broadly classified under four categories: Combat, Game Changer, Mobility & Scouting, and Looting.

Under the Combat category, as the name suggests, the Reality Augments available focus on combat. Some of them provide the user with special weapons/items, while others allow players to reload weapons faster or deal more damage using a certain class/type of weapon. Some of these Reality Augments also improve accuracy and weapon-aim stability.

Moving on to the Game Changer category, Reality Augments under this segment are very limited. Since they are very overpowered or provide a huge tactical buff to the user, acquiring them in-game is not as easy as it should be.

The third category called Mobility & Scouting is dedicated to Reality Augments that boost a player's ability to move about rapidly and spot targets with ease. Certain Reality Augments under this category allow players to mark opponents for the entire squad to see, giving them a clear tactical edge in combat. Others, allow players to rotate vast distances with ease on land and even when in water.

The last category is called Looting and as the name suggests, these particular Reality Augments are focused on providing players with loot throughout the game. They provide the player with Keys that can be used to open Holo-Chests and different types of ammo. This makes it easier for players to gain good loot and saves them time from having to search for supplies.


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