3 reasons why you are not improving at Fortnite (and how to change it)

Here's how you can improve your game in Fortnite! (Image Credits: dexerto.com)
Here's how you can improve your game in Fortnite! (Image Credits: dexerto.com)

The record-breaking behemoth known as Fortnite is more than halfway through with its Chapter 2 Season 3 run. Epic Games continues to invest in exclusive collaborations in its attempt to expand the evolving Fortnite brand.

While Fortnite is super fun for casual gamers, those looking to traverse the professional route are always on the lookout for tips on how to better their game.

There are several reasons as to why you're not improving your game, and today we list three such reasons.

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#Reason 1- Skill Plateau Levels in Fortnite

Addressing the skill plateau debate, YouTuber itsJerian debunks the claim that we develop our skills according to our innate levels. Skills aren't limited by our genes, and the reason why you're not improving at the game is that we gradually tend to lose attentiveness while performing tasks.

He speaks about Season 3 particularly, where the onus is entirely on you. Merely putting in hours of gameplay without meticulous observation and actually attempting to iron out one's flaws will reap no substantial benefit.

This applies especially to those who are looking to participate in competitive Fortnite tournaments actively.

Tips to change this include practising in the Arena mode, rather than scrimming, as the former serves as an apt platform to hone your overall skills and genuinely get better at the game.

Known for his several videos which strictly talk about getting better at Fortnite, itsJerian also offered a fun and unique take on how to 'actually' improve:

Take a look at the guide below, which tells you why you're not improving at Fortnite and how to change that:


#Reason 2- The Right Mentality to Constructive Criticism in Fortnite

In a game like Fortnite, where we witness numerous instances of hyper rage online, the question of cultivating the right mentality is of utmost importance.

It's one of the primary reasons which prevent one from excelling in the game and tilting is something that completely messes with your gameplay.

According to YouTuber Keith Alan, who operates his YouTube channel- ProGuides Fortnite Tips, Tricks and Guides, possessing the right mentality and the ability to stay humble enough to accept constructive criticism is what can make the difference.

Tips to overcome this barrier include taking mini-breaks after each game and not giving into reactionary outbursts on receiving negative feedback.

For further reasons and tips on how to improve your game, watch the video below:


#Reason 3- Improving Mechanics and Fortnite Game sense

In another video by itsJerian, he mentions that one of the major reasons why one fails to improve at Fortnite is simply because of lack of practice.

Practice, not in terms of hours put in, but in terms of actually studying the game, and making a conscious effort to improve mechanics, especially building and editing.

The best way to improve building is to spend a good amount of time on Fortnite 1 v1 Creatives, which helps you master the art of building.

The lack of acute game sense is another major hindrance in terms of improvement.

Mastering one's environment in terms of efficient use of materials, loadout and keeping an eye on the storm circle is key if one is looking to improve at the game seriously.

Tips to overcome this problem include picking smart fights and practising alongside players on the same skill level as you, before heading over into a Fortnite Battle Royale game.

You can watch the video below, which is an overall guide on how to improve your game in Fortnite:


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