Fortnite x WandaVision: Twitter divided over another collaboration as fans feel the game may be "selling out" at this point

The next Fortnite collaboration has opened a can of worms (Image via @PrestonNewsFN)
The next Fortnite collaboration has opened a can of worms (Image via @PrestonNewsFN)

A mere remark from a notable Fortnite data miner regarding the WandaVision collaboration has seen the entire community enter a huge debate.

The discussion that has sparked online over Fortnite engaging in continuous collaborations has enraged a huge faction of the community. According to those Fortnite fans, the game has begun to lack originality after so many associations in Chapter 2.

Some notable collaborations that Fortnite has witnessed in 2020 alone include:

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  • Marvel - The Nexus War event saw multiple fan-favorite Marvel characters making their way to Fortnite's island to battle against the Galactus.
  • Kratos - No one can forget the God of War dancing to Fortnite's emotes in a hurry.
  • Master Chief - After God of War from the PlayStation series, the protagonist from Xbox's Halo made an appearance in Fortnite
  • Star Wars - Both the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda appeared in Fortnite during Season 5 and can be found as in-game NPCs.
  • The Predator - The extra-terrestrial hunter himself appeared to grace the island of Fortnite with some iconic visual references from the classic movie.

Fortnite fans getting tired of collaborations

After the entire plethora of collaborations that Fortnite fans have gone through, feeling a lack of original content from Epic Games feels a bit justified.

The publisher has strategized fantastically to implement iconic deals with some of the top-tier and fan-favorite brands like Disney and Marvel.


However, it is safe to say that not the entire community is tired of such collaborations. Multiple fans were also seen voicing their opinions about the upcoming iconic partnerships that might be happening in Fortnite.

From requesting a collaboration with the extremely-popular anime-manga series, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), to suggesting another Marvel character in the form of Spider-Man, the community is at no shortage of ideas.

However, Epic hasn't revealed or announced any upcoming associations as of now.

Nevertheless, this doesn't change the fact that Fortnite lacks original content in comparison to Chapter 1. The developers at Epic have been dedicatedly working on creating new content for Fortnite, though it seems like a lot of fans have had enough of collaborations.

This could possibly lead to the devs eventually focusing on more original content for Fortnite. However, until there is any form of official communication from Epic, everything remains mere speculation.

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