FaZe clan President leaves to start new organisation, XSET; four Fortnite pros onboard

XSET and its group of founders
XSET and its group of founders

Greg Selkoe, the President of FaZe clan, has announced his departure from the organisation. Motivated to set up an independent, inclusive and unique organisation, Selkoe has set up XSET, featuring an exciting and impressive Fortnite lineup.

Deemed as a brand new and revolutionary gaming organisation, it is the brainchild of esports stalwarts Selkoe, Will Eddins, Clinton Sparks and Marco Mereau, the founder of Framerate.

Here's what we know about recent developments.

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What is XSET?

Aimed at creating an inclusive atmosphere for all, the initiative attempts to be the world's most diverse, purpose-oriented and culturally representative gaming and esports brand.

With its distinct approach, XSET will field pro esports squads in Valorant, Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite.

Take a look at the official tweet and XSET lineup below:

Many are wondering what prompted such a move. When asked to give a statement behind his decision, Selkoe opined:

We realised that there was a huge void that needed to be filled in the gaming marketplace. Gamers are from all walks of life and from all backgrounds. But if you look at the current organisations, they sort of resemble a Frat house. They're not reflective of the racial and gender diversity in the gaming world. It's time for gaming to clean up its act.

You can read the entire, exclusive interview with Selkoe here.

Who are the Fortnite pros onboard?

Much to the delight of the game's fans, the exciting new esports organisation has added four Fortnite pros to it's expansive lineup, which is expected to add several more noted names in the upcoming months.

Let's take a look at the names announced:

#1 Tyler 'Knight' McDougal

A third-place finalist at the FNCS duos competition, and an expert of this particular game mode. It will certainly be exciting to see how he fares in the solo mode of the game.

#2 Ethan 'RogueShark' Kammerman

Knight's long-time gaming partner and fellow third-placer at the FNCS duos is RogueShark, a Fortnite veteran himself.

#3 Alexander 'AV' Vanderveen

'AV', who is known to be a 'controller-clutch master', is the third Fortnite player on this list. He became popular when he placed fourth with 'Chap' in the FNCS duos, and his known for his consistency and accuracy.

Along with 'Knight' and 'RogueShark', AV is part of the top three players from North America 'East'.

#4 Christian 'Snood' Hastie

A mainstay in the Fortnite gaming circle, 'Snood' previously represented Ghost Gaming, and has been looking to seal his resurgence by signing with XSET.

XSET has also signed popular streamer and creator Ashley 'ashleybtw' Morales, a familiar name in the Fortnite Twitch circuit.

The Fortnite lineup of XSET
The Fortnite lineup of XSET

You can take a look at the video below, which gives you an insight into the latest XSET developments. Original post by Esports Talk on YouTube.


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