Fortnite: Fe4rless (Fearless) death rumour that he died of Ligma is fake

Source: Famous People
Source: Famous People

There are a number of popular content creators associated with Fortnite, and Ninja is probably one of them. The blue-haired streamer recently received his own skin. However, a content creator who goes by the name Fe4rLess (Fearless), has been conspicuous by his absence from the game for a while.

It has since become a matter of concern for his fans around the globe who are speculating that Fe4rLess is probably no more.

Is Fe4rLess really dead?

Source: YouTube Thumbnail
Source: YouTube Thumbnail

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The rumour that Fe4rLess is dead stemmed largely from his lack of uploads over the past few months. In this regard, a Wikitubia page that said Fe4rLess 'passed away on May 12, 2020' lent more intrigue to the content creator's disappearance saga.

The latest video from Fe4rLess, My Renegade Raider, was uploaded months ago. While the lack of content from Fe4rLess is frustrating for his fans, it is nothing new as his previous video before it was posted five months ago, meaning there was a gap of two months in between.

Rumours about Fe4RLess being dead have had his fans concerned about his safety and whereabouts.

Although Fe4RLess has not uploaded content to YouTube for a while, it is incorrect to assume that he hasn't been involved in Fortnite. Fe4RLes recently commented on a video titled ‘’I got into a game with Fe4RLess two weeks ago, he hates me ... (not clickbait).’’

It's impossible to know when Fe4RLess would upload his next video on his channel. But it can be said with some degree of certainty that he isn't dead yet.

Recent reports said that Youtube and Fortnite content creator Fe4rLess died of a medical condition called Ligma.

The truth about Ligma is that it is not a medical condition. The term ‘ligma’ is a short form for ‘Lick my nuts', which started as a prank in 2018 and has since spread all over the internet.

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