Fortnite: How much money does it make?

(Image Credit: Business Insider)
(Image Credit: Business Insider)

Few things will ever achieve the popularity of Fortnite. This game is almost literally everywhere, both with being playable on any modern gaming device with an internet connection and having branded merchandise found in any major store. It’s sometimes difficult to calculate exactly how much money this game makes.

Fortnite was the biggest game in the world- two years in a row

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According to reports by Business Insider, the revenue of Fortnite was down almost 28% in 2019, yet it was still the biggest game in the world with a revenue of $1.8 billion. The prior year its revenue peaked at nearly $2.5 billion. This means that during these two years alone Fortnite made over $4 billion, enough to fund Tim Sweeny’s passion for protecting forests for quite some time.

How does Fortnite make so much money?

It is hard to tie the success of Fortnite to any one thing. The game is well managed, well monetized, and is an example of what can be achieved when a good idea is placed in the hands of skilled people.

Business of Apps published multiple stats about the game which provide some information about where this game is making its money. Most notable is that the game’s population is overwhelmingly aged 18-24, arguably one of the most desirable markets to target for any product. Of course, the game is also massively popular with people under the age of 18 as well.

The reason this demographic is so desired is that they are most likely to have the willingness and ability to spend money, or get someone else to spend money on their behalf. This means that Fortnite can make billions of dollars despite being a free game simply by selling well crafted cosmetics to a population eager to show off.

More than just a population, a community

Fortnite is much more than just the people who play it, however. Fortnite has attracted many skilled players and streamers who have used the game to build their own audiences. Additionally, some of these streamers have even been immortalized in the game, showing that Epic is eager to participate in and encourage this community.

Despite some complaints about the recent enjoyability of the game, Fortnite continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

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