Tfue vs Faze Clan: what we know so far?

Via Tfue youtube channel
Via Tfue youtube channel

Popular Fortnite streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney recently came into the light when he filed a lawsuit against FaZe clan.

For those who are unaware FaZe clan it is a gaming organization which participates in the different genre of esports. FaZe clan is also the current organization Tfue is associated with.

When a few days ago this news broke out Tfue pointed out the oppressive contract FaZe Clan initially gave to him.

He also mentioned this contract limited his personal growth and freedom. FaZe clan was quick to respond that the never took any revenue from Tfue and his personal deals or Prize money and only took a small percentage from his FaZe clan tie-up deal.

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Tfue released a new video stating how FaZe clan contract was abysmal and oppressive. He also asked FaZe clan to release the contract or give him permission to release it.

FaZe Banks took Twitter to response claiming that multiple attempts were made over the course of last year to renegotiate the contract. FaZe Bank also mentioned they also offered him a $1m contract along with no revenue cuts from his personal deals. According to FaZe Banks, all the renegotiations were turned down.

Apparently, Tfue is also interested to start his own organization. This came out from Keemstar the host for DramaAlert who got in touch with Tfue's brother Jake. This might be the reason why every negotiaions were turned down by Tfue or his manager on the first place.

This is gonna upset FaZe clan even more as not only Tfue is leaving the FaZe brand but he is dierectly going to compete with their brand if Tfue starts a new organisation.

FaZe Banks have tweeted that they are gonna release the contract soon which will clear up a lot of things. There is also multiple sides to the story and until something concrete comes out neitehr Tfue or FaZe Clan can be held guilty.


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