5 best Free Fire MAX SMGs to deal more damage after the latest update

The best SMGs in Free Fire MAX on the basis of damage (Image via Garena)
The best SMGs in Free Fire MAX on the basis of damage (Image via Garena)

There is no scarcity of firearms in Garena Free Fire MAX, as players get an array of guns across a plethora of categories. Different weapon classes in Free Fire MAX offer specialization in a specific situation during a match. For example, shotguns are overpowered at close-range, while snipers have long-range benefits.

Submachine guns (SMGs) are tactically potent weapons in close-quarter combat. One can quickly execute opponents at a shorter range with SMGs, but these quick-fire guns tend to become ineffective with distance. Hence, SMGs suit the players with an aggressive playstyle.

Garena Free Fire MAX: Listing the top five SMGs based on the damage they deal (after the recent update)

One can easily list weapons based on the damage rating on Garena's official website. However, in some cases, more than one gun has the same damage rating, which makes it trickier to choose the deadlier weapon.

If two or more guns share the same damage rating, one should consider their firing rate. The rate of fire will allow users to choose a weapon that will deal the same amount of damage in less time.

The five best SMGs on the basis of damage are given below:

5) P90


P90 and MAC10 have the damage rating of 49 and are among the quick-fire SMGs of Free Fire MAX. Both guns even have a similar rate of fire, but the former has slightly better attributes.

4) CG15


CG15 shares the same damage rating as guns like UMP and Thompson, with a rating of 50. However, CG15 is a bit inferior to the other two SMGs in terms of firing rate, magazine, and other attributes.

3) UMP


A few guns have balanced stats in Free Fire MAX, and UMP is one such gun. Any player can handle UMP due to its stability and movement speed. The damage rating of 50, alongside a firing rate of 74, makes UMP one of the deadliest SMGs in the game.

2) Thompson


Thompson doesn't support many attachments like UMP and has relatively inferior stats compared to the same. However, the damage rating of 50 alongside the 78 firing rate makes Thompson a better weapon for dealing damage.

1) VSS


VSS has the highest damage rating in the submachine gun category of Free Fire MAX. Unlike other SMGs in the game, VSS is a long-range weapon (with a pre-attached 4x scope), and players can use it if they don't have a sniper or marksman rifle.

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