5 best pets every player should own in Free Fire MAX

Best pets to use in Free Fire MAX (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best pets to use in Free Fire MAX (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Free Fire MAX is no different from the original battle royale title except for the gameplay and graphical entities. The latest release from the Garena franchise offers several similar elements, including weapons, utility items, characters, and pets.

The pets in Free Fire Max are equipped with certain special abilities, which help in getting an advantage over others. Gamers have a better shot at getting a Booyah with pets.

Since there are a variety of pets available, gamers often ask which are the top five ones that should be used in Free Fire Max. Here are some of them.

Free Fire Max: Best pets in the game

5) Detective Panda


During a face-off with enemies, gamers tend to lose HP that affects gameplay to some extent. During this situation, Detective Panda comes to the rescue.

The cute little pet has the ability to restore HP each time the gamer eliminates an enemy. This is quite useful as players don't have to worry about low HP after fighting enemies in the course of grabbing a win in Free Fire MAX.

Panda's Blessing restores 4 HP at the base level, while at the maximum tier, it can restore up to 10 HP.

4) Ottero


While Panda's Blessing rewards gamers with an increase in HP, Ottero's Double Blubber ability enhances the EP. This EP gradually gets generated into HP. It is basically an extra source of energy that helps the gamer in engaging in aggressive gameplay and restores their health in time.

At the base level, the EP recovered is around 35% of the HP, while at the maximum level, it is around 65% of the same.

3) Falco


The path towards victory becomes easier with good loot and early elimination of enemies. Since everyone has to search for loot on the island, the one who lands first gets the advantage over others.

Gamers can therefore take the help of Falco and its Skyline Spree ability. This ability gives a boost to the gamers and helps them land early on the island. Players who have Falco as their sidekick will definitely get the tactical advantage of getting weapons earlier than the rest.

2) Beaston


Beaston is a great asset to gamers who love using utility items and throwables. Usually, these items are overlooked by players, and they do not use them in the game. However, those who know how to use them properly will benefit from Beaston's Helping Hands ability.

Through this ability, the range of the throwables increases by a huge degree. Gamers can cover a large area and can easily inflict damage to enemies and knock them out in Free Fire MAX.

1) Mr. Waggor


The Smooth Gloo ability of Mr. Waggor is one of the best assets that can be used in Free Fire MAX. Through this ability, gamers get one Gloo Wall grenade every 120 seconds.

Using the gloo walls, gamers can create a diversion or even attack and trap enemies to edge their way towards victory. At the maximum level, the cooldown is reduced to 100 seconds. Therefore, Mr. Waggor is one of the best pet gamers can have in Free Fire MAX.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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