Best Free Fire diamond top up earning apps for Android (April 2022)

Ways to get free diamonds (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ways to get free diamonds (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire includes a massive assortment of in-game collectibles, including a variety of gun skins, eye-catching costumes, and various other cosmetics and accessories. The developers will continue to add to this list to appease and attract users regularly.

Many players, particularly content creators and partners, spend thousands of diamonds to obtain every new or returning item in the game, which may be pretty expensive and infeasible for others. To avoid being left behind and falling further behind in the competition, look for any means possible to obtain free items or diamonds.

With the enormous increase in demand for free diamonds, players must avoid the trap of utilizing generators and mods of any kind, which have become prevalent. They have a variety of genuine solutions available to them.

Note: Indian gamers should avoid playing Free Fire due to government-imposed restrictions.

Best apps to get free diamonds in Free Fire

Google Opinion Rewards


For Free Fire players seeking a means to earn free diamonds, there is probably no better option accessible to them than Google Opinion Rewards.

Its functioning is relatively straightforward, as gamers only need to complete basic surveys to get up to INR 32.20 in Google Play Credits. Users can utilize them to make in-store purchases or make in-app purchases.

Gamers must download the application and create a profile by completing a few questions to earn credits. The frequency of surveys, as well as the rewards of responding to each one, will vary.

They may collect credits to top up diamonds, or they can be saved to use Special Airdrops or even membership to get added value. The diamonds in these are far less expensive than a direct purchase.


Watch to win event is live (Image via Garena)
Watch to win event is live (Image via Garena)

Booyah is a video-sharing tool developed by Garena exclusively for gaming content. It was officially released in May 2020, and it quickly gained widespread popularity, particularly among Free Fire gamers all across the world.

Along with following their favorite content creators and watching their players engage in the battle royale title, they can participate in regular events and contests. The prize pool includes gift cards, outfits, characters, pets, and even the premium currency – diamonds.

However, the tasks required to participate in each event may vary. Additionally, gamers must link their Free Fire ID to their Booyah account to get the items.

Note: This article reflects the writer’s opinions. Gamers should check out the terms of service and privacy policy of the applications before going further.

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