Free Fire diamond script: All you need to know 

The Free Fire diamond script is illegal (Picture Source:
The Free Fire diamond script is illegal (Picture Source:

Free Fire has sublime skins, characters, emotes and other exclusive items. Which means that most players cannot resist the temptation to lay their hands on these items. Most of them can be purchased in exchange for diamonds. However, these in-game currencies are expensive for some, and not everyone can spend on additional diamonds in order to get these items.

So, players look for alternative ways to get diamonds for free, and sometimes wander down the wrong track. One such illegal step is using the diamond script. Many players do not have much of an idea about this, but this article explains the consequences of using such a script in Free Fire.

What is the Free Fire diamond script?

The Free Fire diamond script is a series of codes that are executed in the game using another application to get diamonds. Many videos claim to provide working scripts that provide players with diamonds.

However, it is very unlikely that these scripts could work, as the currencies are usually stored on the server side, rather than the client side. Even if these scripts work, players should not use them as it has serious repercussions.

Is Free Fire diamond script legal?

FAQ (Picture Source:
FAQ (Picture Source:

Use of any script is illegal, and the player must avoid using such scripts since Garena has zero-tolerance against cheaters. According to the new FAQ posted on the official Garena Free Fire website, cheating is defined as the use of any third-party tools that are not developed by Garena, or using a modified game client.

FAQ (Picture Source:
FAQ (Picture Source:

Moreover, in the same FAQ, Garena has defined third-party applications as any software used to hack the services of the game, reverse engineer the game, and so forth.

Hence, use of any script will be considered as cheating, and will appropriately be punished by Garena in the form of a permanent ban.

It has to be noted that close to 90000 accounts were suspended for hacking and using scripts in May. Click here to read the official announcement by Free Fire.

Click here to read the full anti-cheat FAQ.


Players should never try using these scripts, as Garena bans not only the account but also the device used for cheating. There are several other legal ways like GPT sites to get free diamonds. But these scripts are illegal, not allowed and not recommended.

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