Free Fire: How to fix lag in the game

How to fix lag in Free Fire
How to fix lag in Free Fire
Nishant Thakkar

Lag is one of the problems that gamers hate to face, and users of Free Fire are no exception. Lag-free game play is pivotal to players enjoying the game to the fullest and reaching higher tiers. Hence, they look for ways to reduce lag. Further to this, we talk about several tips which might help reduce lag.

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How to fix lag in Garena Free Fire

Here are some tips that players can use to try and fix lag in Free Fire.

Closing all background applications

Applications that run in the background of the device consume RAM, the availability of which directly influences smoothness of the game. So, players should consider closing all other background applications before starting Free Fire. Also, some of those applications might be using data, which could also increase ping.

Disable Auto Update and Sync

Google Play Store has a feature that automatically updates games and apps as soon as they are available. These upgrades usually use a significant chunk of data, which can increase ping. The sync option synchronizes data to various apps. Disabling this feature means having to synchronize multiple apps like Gmail and Yahoo Mail manually. But it also means that data will not be consumed for this utility service.

Clearing the Cache

Clearing the cache usually helps players reduce lag. It also helps free up some memory for the game. The cache is the data of a particular application that enables smooth functioning; however, in case of low storage, it becomes a hindrance.

Players can also consider reducing Free Fire’s graphic settings to β€˜low,’ which might even be able to reduce lag. Also to be noted is that users should never use third-party GFX tools, since they are illegal in Free Fire, and gamers could be banned for using such utilities.

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